Derrick Rose is the center of a bidding war between the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers. Rose is said to be in serious talks with Cleveland. However, Los Angeles is trying to sell Derrick Rose on becoming a tutor for Lonzo Ball. Cavs are selling Derrick Rose on the prospect of competing for Championships. Cavaliers can offer Derrick Rose $2.1 million as the veterans minimum. Lakers are enticing Rose with more money and more playing time.

Derrick Rose Still Have Gas In The Tank?

Moreover, the former MVP has been drawing a buzz we have not seen since his MVP season. Both teams can utilize Derrick Rose in different capacities. Cavaliers need a solid back up to Kyrie Irving. In the NBA Finals Kyrie barely got any rest. The toll of playing a lot of minutes affected Irving’s performance negatively. Lebron James  suffered an even worst fate as he never came off the court virtually playing almost 48 minutes per game. Derrick Rose would be a welcome sight. Rose would serve as a spark off the bench and allow the stars to rest. In addition, Rose could take over  ball handling responsibilities from Lebron and Kyrie.

Los Angeles Lakers want to use Derrick Rose as a piece to solidify the resurgence of the franchise. Although Lakers claim Rose would get more playing time it is highly doubtful. Luol Deng and Timofey Mozgov were both veterans who came in to have playing time and both were not given the courtes. Lakers are all about getting younger and tutoring their young pupils. Derrick Rose would barely be used as Lonzo Ball and other young talent would be priority. In terms of being a veteran dropping jewels for Ball this is a mistake.

Derrick Rose has not elevated his game to new heights since the MVP season. Rose, despite the injuries,  still plays with a sense of wreck less abandonment. Unfortunatley, Derrick never learned how to play add different speeds. Rose never added elements of a long range jump shot or extra floaters to expand his game. Derrick  is not the player that you want teaching your young star how to play. Lonzo Ball is better off learning these lessons on his own.

Where Does Rose Land?

Ultimately, the best fit for Derrick Rose is the Cleveland Cavaliers. Rose will play back up minutes and play a pivotal role for the Cavs. Last season Derrick averaged 18 points 4.4 assists and 3.8 rebounds in 64 games. That could have helped the Cavs dramatically in the NBA Finals. As you recall Cavaliers bench was anemic no one average double figures. Rose is still in talks ink has yet to be tried.