The Golden State Warriors are NBA Champions once again and everyone is thinking dynasty. The Dubs defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in a scintillating 5 games. Warriors have captured their 2nd NBA Title in three years winning the 2017 NBA Championship. Golden State has been dominate like their baseball counterpart San Francisco Giants who won 3 World Series in 5 years.

The Golden State Warriors dominated the NBA Playoffs setting an unprecedented record of 16-1 in the playoffs. Dubs set records for offensive efficiency and scoring yet to be matched by any team. Fans are likely witnessing one of the greatest teams of all-time. Question remains can we consider this Golden State squad a dynasty in the making?

The Golden Era, Golden Empire or Golden Dynasty?

Paul Pierce referred to the Golden State Warriors as the Golden Empire. Pierce is right in his thinking no other team has won more games in a 3 season stretch. Michael Jordan and the 1996 Bulls do not have a higher win total.  Warriors win percentage alone gives credence to the team being a Dynasty.

Golden State Warriors will be the first team to feature 4 all-stars on one team in the starting lineup. GSW has the best shooting backcourt of all time in Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry. Kevin Durant will most likely end his career as the leagues leading scorer. Draymond Green is setting himself up to win multiple defensive player of the year awards.

Golden State has amassed the most amount of talent ever assembled on one NBA team. Everyone expected the Dubs to be great but not this dominant. News Flash Ladies and Gentlemen the Warriors will be here for a while. All of the stars for the Warriors are 28 years old and younger.

What It Will Take To Cement The Legacy of The Dubs

Before we go calling the Warriors a dynasty the old guard would love to point out the game has changed. Many basketball purest are disgusted with the move by Kevin Durant to join a team that beat him. Hence, some are taking this dynasty thing with a grain of salt. However how could we overlook the dominant brand of basketball by this group.

Kevin Durant joined Shaquille O’neal and Michael Jordan as the only players to average 35 or more in the NBA Finals through the first 5 games. Last year Warriors broke the Bulls record by going 73-9 losing a championship but came back  to win 67 games and win a title. There is no way people can ignore the writing on the wall.

In order for the Warriors to hush their critics they have to go back to back and have one more season of excellence. If it were not for a suspension in game 4 of the 2016 NBA Finals we may be talking about a team with 3 NBA Titles and a 3-peat first one since Shaq and Kobe.

GSW has multiple all-stars, multiple championships and multiple 60 win seasons in the past 3 years alone. Dubs are officially a Dynasty but they will have to prove that to their critics by continuing to Win titles.

Why The Rest Of The NBA Is in Trouble?

The rest of NBA is in deep trouble. Kevin Durant has already stated he will take less than the max contract to keep the Warriors together. Not only are the Warriors unselfish on the court they are unselfish off the  court. Draymond Green and Klay Thompson are locked into their contract for an additional two years.

Stephen Curry is the only loose contract floating around and there is confirmation they he would be willing to take less to keep the team intact as well. With Kevin Durant’s decision alone we could be witnessing another 3-4 years of the Warriors dominating the NBA. If that is not a dynasty I do not know what is.

NBA Fans may have not liked the way Golden State got Kevin Durant but they have to admit one thing. Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green were all draft picks. Kevin Durant is the only free agent piece they acquired during the off season. So this team was not just a bunch of players deciding to join up it has been many years in the making. As fans we have to enjoy their beautiful brand of basketball while it last.