Lebron James has been on a tear in the NBA playoffs. James in the Pacers series averaged 32.8 points, 9 assists and 9.8 rebounds. King James in the Toronto Raptors series followed that up by averaging 36.3 points , 8.3 rebounds and 5.3 assists. Lebron’s huge 38 point game against the Celtics reiterates his dominance.

Lebron has no one to match up with him in the Eastern Conference. Paul George was supposed to be a challenge but barely guarded Lebron and wilted under pressure. The Toronto Raptors had no answer for Lebron as well because Derozan and Lowry failed to step up. The Boston Celtics now face the same dilemma as they have no one to slow him down as well.

Coaches cannot put a big man on Lebron James because he blows right by them. A smaller defender will only get posted up by James. LBJ is a matchup nightmare for teams in the Eastern conference.

Lebron James Too Good or Eastern Conference Too Bad?

James has been dominate no doubt, but everyone gets it wrong regarding his play. The real reason teams have been struggling to slow Lebron down is not because he is too good. Pacers had instances to win games against the Cavs and failed to do so. The Toronto Raptors never showed up to the rodeo out of fear.

The Number 1 mistake teams make regarding Lebron James is trying to stop him with one person. Gregg Popovich realized this long time ago you have to implement a system to stop Lebron James. Spurs teams have always given Lebron problems defensively because it is not just Kawhi Leonard guarding him. There are multiple layers and strategy.

Eastern Conference has no one who can slow Lebron one on one, but teams still try to play him one on one. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and now Lebron James prove that one person cannot stop a great player.

Lebron Has Not Faced a Top 10 Defense in the Playoffs

Cleveland Cavaliers have not faced a team in the playoffs who are ranked top 10 defensively including the Boston Celtics. The Toronto Raptors are ranked 11th defensively, Pacers 16th and the Celtics 13th. One of the general  prerequisites to be a contender is to be top 10 in defense and offense.

Teams are getting dominated by the Cavs because they cannot defend them. Cavs are not ranked highly on defense but offensively they have the 3rd highest offensive rating. Going against teams ranked outside of the top 10 means they will surely have their way offensively. That is why Indiana blew a 26 point lead because they did not have enough defense  to overcome the Cavs onslaught of offense.

Right now Lebron has little resistance because he is facing teams  trying to play him one on one and have poor defensive principles. That is not to take away from his greatness, but he is not facing the crème of the crop in his conference as no team can truly match up. Lebron is toying with his competition because they were made by toys r us.

The true challenge he faces is in the NBA Finals where he will match up with a top 10 defense and a team that can keep up offensively. Lebron is dominate currently by default which is a testament to his greatness. He will further cement his legacy by doing this in the NBA Finals.