Lebron James has been the butt of many jokes the past week and half. Stephen Curry has trolled the King. Kyrie Irving has let everyone know that he no longer wants to play with James. Kevin Durant has taken an overt stance letting people know he thinks he is better. Michael Jordan came at Lebron letting people know 5 rings always beats 3. Everyone seems to be using Lebron as a punching bag. 

Lebron is getting it from allies and enemies. What is the King’s next move? Suddenly LA is looking like a very feasible landing spot for LBJ. Cleveland is imploding due to poor management and dissension. The Cavs roster is getting older and will eventually lose their closer in Kyrie Irving. Lebron is looking to expand his brand exponentially past basketball. 

Lebron James Going West

Most important to note in Los Angeles Lebron gets what he is looking for in a team. Lebron wants to be able to massage his minutes and remain fresh for the playoffs. Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram provide Lebron with the youth that he is looking for to maintain his stamina for the playoffs. 

Lakers have enough cap space to form a super team. Everyone knows Lebron will not play on a team unless it is a super team. The Lakers can acquire two max contracts next summer. Paul George and Lebron James can be a viable option for the Lakers. Moreover, the Lakers can go out and get some complimentary pieces to fill out the roster.

Branding in LA is a gold mine. If Lebron James is able to bring a title to title town itself the floodgate of admiration and praise would be endless. Lakers organization is like the Dallas Cowboys of the NBA. Lebron landing in LA maximize his brand to the umpteenth power.  

King Reclaims His Crown

Finally, there is a feel of the God Father going on. When Michael Corleone had to reclaim what was rightfully his all of his enemies were piled up against him. James is in a similar situation where he is vulnerable on many fronts. Kyrie Irving is effectively playing his brother Fredo. The Golden State Warriors are the Police and Tartaglia combined.

Just like Michael in God Father Lebron James is making calculated moves to secure a brighter future. The King may look weak now but if he heads to LA you can expect people to put his crown back on his head.