Klay Thompson believes the Warriors will be in the same  category as the Chicago Bulls. Thompson does not shy away from comparisons to Michael Jordan’s 72-10 team. Klay points out the Bulls won 6 championship in 8 years. Golden State is one-third of the way to reaching the Bulls record. However, Klay does not think comparison is fair currently later on we may have a different conversation. 

Chicago Bulls ignited fandom and fanfare like no other. In the 90’s MJ is clearly the best player to ever play. Kukoc and Kerr provided clutch moments. Scottie Pippen is 1B if Mike is 1A. Dennis Rodman is a wild card like no other. The Bulls ushered a period of dominance like no other with back to back three-peats. Phil Jackson at the time introduced the concept of Zen to the team which propelled the team to new heights. 

Unfortunately, Golden State never  3-peated. Two Championships in 3 years is not bad. Klay Thompson claims the Dubs aspire to emulate the 1996 Bulls but they cannot. Warriors do not have the best player in the game on their team. Dubs lack  physicality of the 90s Bulls. Golden State players  do not maintain a mental edge over opponents often losing their cool ala Draymond Green. 

Warriors More Unique Than Bulls?

Although Warriors lack certain aspects of the Bulls, they may possess greater qualities. Warriors won the NBA Championship only losing 1 game. Dubs set a playoff record surpassing Kobe and Shaq. In the past 3 years Warriors have won more games than any other team in a 3 year time span. Warriors give an example of the first team to have 4 NBA All-Stars as starters. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson is the best shooting backcourt ever assembled. Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter of all time. Moreover, Kevin Durant may be the best scorer of all-time. 

The 90s Bulls is a one man show through Michael Jordan. Golden State Warriors team is a circus where each superstar provides a different act. The NBA has never seen a team with four starters who can pass, dribble and shoot at the Dubs pace. The NBA is comprised of 1-2 punches, Big 3’s but never  a 4 headed monster like the Warriors. 

Most of all, Dubs still have a lot of basketball to play. Dubs broke the  Bulls 72-10 record. As a result one can argue the Warriors may be poised to get 6 or more championships.  Basketball is in state of skill based two-way players and shooting. Hence, Golden State  changed how the game is approached. Golden State is issuing a new age of basketball. How long will it last? Most noteworthy can the Warriors keep it up to touch the Bulls mantle?