Lonzo Ball has bounced back dramatically since his poor game of 2-15 shooting . Ball has been dropping triple-doubles and making the game look easy in summer league. The Lakers have seen success with young Lonzo at the helm. Fans have mixed reviews on Lonzo all the way around. Some view Ball as the savior that will take the Lakers to the playoffs. Critics look at ball as another failed experiement in a long line of blunders.

Undoubtely, Ball has a knack for the game making full court passes as easy as Tom Brady throws a 20 yard pass. Lonzo has an unorthodox jump shot but was able to improve his shooting percentage each game. The Laker point guard is a big guard who can rebound the basketball very well hence all of those triple-doubles in summer league. Magic Johnson should be proud they drafted a player with similarities to his game. Similiarities not exactly the same talent as Magic, Johnson was much better. Although it is always a good thing to have a trait of a great player.

Do Not  Change Your Stance on Lonzo Ball

Laker fans are already anointing Ball the next big thing in Los Angeles. Haters are pointing out Lonzo’s ambivalent stance on supporting his own brand. One thing no one should do is try to make a major takeaway from summer league. Summer league is a place where rookies are tested and D-leaguers and free agents try to earn a job.

Top competition is not played in the Summer League. Summer League is comprised of 10 minute quarters, lax coaching and used as a beaker in the lab. Lonzo Ball has not faced Chris Paul, Damian Lillard or Stephen Curry. The true measure of Lonzo Ball will be when he matches against starters and stars in the NBA.

One cannot jump to huge conclusions from this small  sample size unless risk going over a cliff. People who feel Lonzo is the best should still keep thinking that. People who feel Lonzo is a fraud should maintain that stance. Summer League has not provided us with any indication of something different. A matchup against Russell Westbrook will tell you more than a Summer League tournament. Everyone pump your breaks and just let the Kid Ball.