NBA Live franchise has gotten a bad rap over the years. Live has even skipped a year in creating a game in order to retool their franchise. NBA 2K has taken over dramatically since the demise of NBA Live. 2K sports has been the gold standard for simulation basketball for many years. NBA Live has remerged  to take the crown that they lost back in the early 2000s. 

Both games have yet to drop, but consumers should strongly consider buying NBA  Live 18 over NBA 2K18. Live has always had great presentation and elite game modes. NBA 2K has been saturated by myplayer has gotten away from it’s roots. The NBA Live franchise has been humbled by their early mistakes. Live has always thought they had a strong arm on the market until 2K came out.

2K sports capitalized on all of Live’s mistakes. NBA Live is back to return the favor with their new game. 2K sports has capitalized the sim basketball market hence they have gotten lazy. 2K has repackaged the same game multiple years only bringing in new ways to create a myplayer. During the older stages of NBA 2K you would rarely see the same animation twice. Today 2K is packaged with the same canned animations and weird gameplay. Every year NBA 2K promises to get back to it’s roots however there is no real change. 

NBA Live Hears Your Complaints

Consumers have been on 2K for years about their poor gameplay, coins glitches and inconsistency of the game. EA sports has taken time to sit back and analyze the market. Although EA does not have superior graphics you can count on them having superior gameplay. 

EA sports demo is very compelling and shows us what we want in a video game. All of the players have their signature style that is not canned. The players move at different speeds. Stephen Curry’s step back jumper differs from Kevin Durant. EA has eliminated a clunky shot meter and has made it simple. The Animations in NBA Live will be better than NBA 2K since 2K always rely on a system without ball dynamics. 

EA sports has been able to perfect this in Madden where ball physics and forces acting on the field impact play. In 2K sports sometimes it does not matter who is in front of you, one seems to steam roll or glitch through a defender. Baseline cheese is always prevalent in all of the franchises games. 

EA sports is looking to elevate the world of simulation basketball. McDonalds and Burger King are huge rivals but honestly they benefit the market because of competition. For years 2K has had no real competition. Live is the competition that will force 2K to shape up or ship out. Competition is good for the market and consumers as it pushes products to be better which makes us happy overall. This year get NBA Live and be amazed at how a little competition can go a long way.