Shaun Livingston is another victim of the NBA’s new referendum to discipline players. Livingston’s ejection came after his attempt to argue a call.  The Referee approached Livingston and seemed to initiate contact however Shaun gets a one technical ejection. Lebron James, Demarcus Cousins Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant  and Carmelo Anthony are a part of long line players to experience the referees wrath. 

NBA officials seem to be abusing their power ejecting players for no real reason at all. Apparently the NBA is endowing officials with more power to use ejections0 ever than before. The fact that ejections of NBA superstars is more prevalent is a problem. The NBA is a star driven league if fans cannot see their favorite players play it will negatively impact the NBA. 

The NBA is Sending A Message Through Ejections

Adam Silver and the officiating committee are sending a message of don’t mess with the Logo. Officials will not tolerate the disrespect they used to experience over the years  in the past. Players constantly argue calls like whiny babies making officials look incompetent. Even Coaches take their turn attacking referees which lead to ejections and fines. However, The NBA wants to clean up berating of officials. In addition Adam Silver has a brand to uphold. 

Silver cannot afford for NBA players to whine to the officials and slow the game down. The NBA on a macro scale is worth billions. Image is everything look at the NFL where protests cost the NFL millions. The NBA is looking to avoid any distractions that will secure viewership. Hence, the new policy is a strict no nonsense policy of stay away from the officials and do not argue. 

Why Ejections Are Not Great For The Game 

The NBA players have been ejected for showing emotion. Referees ejecting players sends a message of do not show emotion. NBA basketball is a man’s sports and that comes with emotion. From the start of the tip to the very last seconds of the game we see a ton of emotion. The new policy is trying to officiate emotion out of the game. If players are not allowed to show emotion their game will suffer. Players like Draymond Green built their entire game on emotion. Thus no emotion means no Draymond. 

The league is on a slippery slope ejecting players for barely doing anything. My advice relax on the ejections or fans will relax on the NBA.