Isaiah Thomas has almost been a topic of contention for the Boston Celtics. Danny Ainge reportedly wanted to trade Thomas before this season ended because he felt the Celtics could succeed without him. The Eastern Conference Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers proved somewhat the Celtics could thrive without Thomas.

Boston Celtics were more competitive with Isaiah Thomas off the court then him on the court. On the surface level it seemed that Isaiah’s ball dominate style of play was a hindrance to the Boston Celtics way off life. Tyronn Lue even complimented the Celtics stating their offense was harder to defend than the Golden State Warriors. According to Lue everyone was a threat when Thomas was off the floor. Insinuating when Thomas was on the floor the Cavaliers found them easier to defend.

A Word To The Wise Regarding Isaiah Thomas

The two teams that were so quick to give up on Thomas have not faired the greatest fate. Both the Phoenix Suns and Sacramento Kings are in disarray. Both teams prematurely relinquished I.T. before they could bear the fruits of their labor. The Boston Celtics are on the cusps of creating a serious contender in the East Thomas must be apart of their future.

Critics have slammed Thomas due to the Celtics first two bludgeoning’s  by the Cavs in the ECF. However, the Boston Celtics would have never gained a Number 1 seed, Win Game 7 against the Wizards or get to the Eastern Conference Finals without Isaiah Thomas. The overall knock on Thomas is he does not make his teammates better which is untrue.

Thomas primary role on the Celtics was to be a scorer. I.T.’s job was to score because Al Horford and company barely could score in the biggest moments and were wildly inconsistent. Isaiah’s 28.9 points per game was his contribution to his team who offensively was inept. Celtics issue is not Thomas’s inefficiency anyone averaging over 20 attempts per game will rarely be efficient.

Celtics Too Cautious

Danny Ainge has stocked piled picks  long enough. This season during the trade deadline Celtics could have made a run at bringing a superstar like Paul George to Boston to tag on with Thomas but in cautious fashion he refused. Management in Boston is not seizing the opportunity to put together a team with 2 true stars with complimentary pieces in Boston.

Thomas paired with another star player would alleviate his inefficiency and make the Celtics better. Cleveland crushed the Celtics because every time  Thomas  was trapped there was no other playmaker on the court willing to step up. Celtics have great complimentary players but only one star. One star is not enough these days as super teams are assembled day in and day out in the NBA. Celtics need to keep Thomas or suffer the same fate as Sacramento and Phoenix. It is true what they say you never know a good thing until its gone.