Stephen A. Smith has done one of the few things that no one in the media has done. Stephen A. went against his natural nature to defend Lebron James and told the truth. Charles Barkley, Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith are in rare air because they know when their duty is to tell the truth.

The Media has a tendency to romanticize everything Lebron James does in the press. Lebron James gets too many passes with press to the point he is bullet proof. Tristan Thompson and Lebron James got in recent tiff during the Indiana Pacers game.  Lebron expected Thompson to show more on a pick which led to a wide open Paul George 3 pointer.

Lebron took it upon himself to scold  Tristan after a huge three point shot by Kevin Love which  pushed the Cavs up by four. Lebron was being petty in that case because they team was up no need to cry over spilled milk. The media flooded to King James side supporting his motivations to treat Thompson like a child.

James openly admitted that he needs to work on showing up his teammates less  but the media quickly let go of the fact this is repeated behavior for Lebron. LBJ’s comments about being top heavy, criticizing management and his teammates is a recurring theme.

Stephen A. Smith Calls a Spade a Spade

Smith told the truth about Lebron being able to improve on everything except for his cry baby tendencies. Lebron is 6’8  250 pounds and is a huge cry baby. Stephen A. Smith is brave enough to still call out Lebron on something most news reporters will gloss over. James is too good to be petty and cry over the smallest things.

We have watched Lebron to grow into a terrific player but his maturity level at times is similar to that of a 3rd grader. Media has watched Lebron pout, cry and out his teammates but no is courageous enough to call him a baby.

People think about greatness they think about the heart of a champion , drive, determination not crying like a baby. King James has cried about refs not calling fouls. Lebron has cried he doesn’t have enough help. LBJ has cried about his front office. While some call it flexing his power it is really crying.

Champ is Too Good to Be A Chump

James is too good to be a whiner. Every time Lebron whines it takes away from his 3 championships. The King sounds like a queen every time we see him have a tirade. Lebron’s legacy will be overshadowed by his complaining nature. People will remember he had to run to Miami because of his complaints not being catered too.

Stephen A. Smith  is not afraid to rock the boat with these comments. Lebron can potentially hold those comments against him. That is the risk you have to be wiling to take when you are responsible to the media. This is good because Lebron can count on not having yes men in his corner if the pillars of the media are willing to call him out.  

Roy Oberson would be proud because Lebron has been crying but  Smith is not singing the same tune.