Russell Westbrook came out in the media and stated that obviously Oklahoma city Is where he wants to be. While This warm sentiment may make Sam Presti and Owner Clay Bennett happy Westbrook may be hurting himself. Oklahoma City Thunder are the only team who can offer Russ  a $220 Million  contract extension over 5 years. Russell Westbrook would have the highest paying contract in NBA History!

Sam Presti and Clay Bennett may believe they can remedy the awful OKC roster by overpaying Westbrook. Russ’s comments further back that notion by giving the organization a premature vote of confidence.

Russell Westbrook Lacks Business Sense

Westbrook is  playing his hand way too early  before negotiations are taking place. The Thunder organization will feel no sense of urgency to make the team better. Clay Bennett will postulate as long as the team has Russell they will sell out tickets. Russell Westbrook gave up all of his leverage and is at the mercy of the Thunder.

Sam Presti can choose to offer Westbrook a large contract, but with Russ’s loose lips they can low ball the offer citing the fact he said he wanted to stay in Oklahoma City. Westbrook  is proving to be a bit of an amateur dealing with the amateur organization that is OKC.

Oklahoma City Thunder Not The Organization People Paint Them Out to Be

OKC is known as a first class organization that has a great atmosphere. No one wants to admit the fact that James Harden departed from OKC because they did not want to pay an extra $4 Million over the life span of his contract. Serge Ibaka departed from the organization and so did Reggie Jackson. Did we forget that Kevin Durant also got  out of town.

Oklahoma City is not a great organzition. Clay Bennett is extremely cheap  to the point where he broke up Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden over $4 Million. All three players are MVP candidates every year and OKC could not keep the players happy and in Oklahoma.

Westbrook needs to take his talents elsewhere as soon as his contract expires. Thunder do not know what to do with talent  nor know how to keep it. Oklahoma is not a free agency destination for anyone. Sam Presti although a great GM has been unable to bring in the help to make OKC a championship contender.

Too many times we saw in the past  Russell Westbrook and KD struggle down the stretch due to a lack of help. This year the Houston Rockets winninng in 5 games was a reminder of the lack of help Westbrook had. Russell was playing 1 on 5 the majority of the series.

Simply put Westbrook does not owe anybody he has played his game and he needs to keep his mouth shut about future commitments. OKC has proven to be inept and Westbrook deserves way more and he needs to realize it before it is too late.