The Golden State Warriors and Nick Young have agreed to a 1 year $5.2 Million deal. Young will be joining a Warriors team looking to reload and win another title this up coming season.  Young signed the Mid-level exception to be a key cog in the Warriors bench. Nick had the opportunity to go elsewhere and be a starter. The New Orleans Pelicans were looking for a shooter to space the floor for Cousins and Davis. Young obviously wanted to contend for titles.

Nick Young Fits The Warriors With a Twist

Swaggy P is an unlikely fit for the Warriors but in a way it makes perfect sense. Young shot 40% from three point land last year. Nick will be joining two other three point shooters who shot over 40% from three in Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Warriors are literally creating a splash family. Dubs have 3 of the 11 best three point shooters from last season.

Nick Young solidifies the Warriors bench and secures there is no let down in offense firepower. Warriors had an issue last season when their big 4 sat down they could not get any scoring production. Steve Kerr often had to keep a starter in the second unit to make sure the Warriors could keep up with their pace. The pairing of Omri Casspi and Nick young means Steve Kerr can create a bench death lineup with Livingston, Young, Casspi, Igoudala and a big.

The Warriors second unit is a starting lineup anywhere else in the NBA. Nick will  put on a show everytime he touches the court. Young will come off the bench ala Vinny “The Microwave” Johnson a light it up all over the court. Last year young averaged 13.2 points on 25 minutes per game. On the Warriors his numbers will go up across the board playing such a fast pace.

Swaggy P Matches The Warriors Swag

Nick Young and his game are tailor made for the Dubs. Young is a great three point shooter who can hit put the ball on the floor and make plays. Nick plays fast and love the up and down style of play. Nick’s attitude toward basketball is in line with the Warriors culture. Young is routinely celebrating and encouraging his teammates. Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant all have that same infectious energy. When Curry makes a great pass you can find Shaun Livingston putting up the goggles like did you see that.

Swaggy P would fit right in with his over the top celebrations and positive energy. Nick is a positive character on the court who fits in with the fun atmosphere at Oracle a million times over. Just when you thought the Warriors could not be considered any cockier or loud they added Swaggy P. Fans will come to love Young the same reason fans in Los Angeles loved him. Nick Young plays with a sense of pride every time he hits the court. Nick was one of the few bright spots for the Lakers in the whole rebuilding process. Now Swaggy P gets to take that light and let it flourish coming off the Golden State Warriors bench. Do not be surprised if Young Wins 6th man of the year.