The NBA Finals will feature for the first time a trilogy. Fans will be witnessing a grudge match that is being pitted as must see TV. Although there are 7 NBA all-stars that will be playing in the NBA Finals the NBA is overselling the Finals matchup. Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors have been steam rolling teams by a combined point differential average of 14.9+ points  per game. Quite naturally it is expected one of these teams will get steam rolled.

The road to the NBA Finals has been mediocre for both teams but now we are being guaranteed an excellent finals. Fans are expecting a 7 game series but forgot it took a suspension and injury to players to get to a 7th game last year. Deep down inside people should already know what to expect when coming to this Finals since we have seen two iterations of this competition already.

NBA Finals are Too Predictable

Golden State Warriors have the edge to come away with the trophy. You can expect the NBA referees to allow the Cavs to get away with murder and be overly physical. Klay Thompson will exhibit struggles shooting at certain moments. Kevin Love will be a defensive liability. Tristan Thompson will grab a ton of rebounds. Kevin Durant will go on scoring binges. Lebron James and Kyrie Irving will play spectacular one on one games. Stephen Curry will be Steph.

As a result even with all of that said the Golden State Warriors will win the NBA Championship. Last years NBA FInals was a big disappointment because of 6 blowouts. Game 7 was the only game competitive from start to finish. This year the NBA wants us to think history will not repeat itself.

History Plays a Huge Role

Historians always have warned if you fail to study history you are doomed to repeat it. The Cavs and Warriors have to much history to be confused about what you will see. I expect under the tutelage of Mike Brown and Steve Kerr Golden State will not  forget they blew a 3-1 lead. Cavaliers are playing over confidently forgetting they were outclassed until one of the Warriors stars was suspended. Now the Warriors have added another star how will the Cavs overcome Durant?

The Easy answer is Cleveland will not be able to do so. Warriors got Durant to rewrite history not repeat it.