Lebron James has the media in a frenzy over his multiple comments regarding the Knicks. Lebron states he is not a fan of Phil Jackson. According to Lebron James Dennis Smith Jr is supposed to be a  New York Knick. Enes Kanter retorted on twitter about Lebron James comments 

King James quickly fired back with 

The Cavaliers-Knicks  matchup is looming and the Cavs lost by double digits to the Knicks at home. Hence Lebron James will look to come out with an aggressive mind state. The New York Knicks media is fueling discord. Lebron James thrives in discord and dissension. Lebron in the most awkward situations comes out on top more often than not. Moreover, LBJ is apart of the biggest come back of NBA Finals history. The comeback is controversial. King James is able to go to three straight finals with a Cavs team that is in the headlines constantly. 

Lebron James Charged Up

The New York Knicks Media is giving Lebron and company too much ammunition for a huge route. Lebron is upset about  the Phil Jackson tenure In NY. James does not approve of the Knicks drafting process. Enes Kanter is putting his two cents in the situation. The Knicks recently beat the Cavaliers at home. This is a perfect storm for Lebron to drop 61 or more surpassing his career high. 

Furthermore, all of the greatest to ever play consistently have huge games in The Garden. The New York Knicks are simply in a world of trouble. Cavaliers have too much incentive to blow out the Knicks. Prior to the visit Knicks game is simply an oversight. However, with the new turn of events with the media Lebron is coming out guns blazing! Mr. T said it best ” I pity the fool” who has to check Lebron James against the New York Knicks.