Lebron James teased everyone in his prior free agency spells with talks of coming to Los Angeles. In the end Lebron stated he did not want to live in anyone’s shadow I.e. Kobe Bryant and all of the former Lakers that came behind him. Once again there are rumblings King James wants to make another exodus from Cleveland and end up  in La La land in 2018.

The Los Angeles Clippers serve as another option for James. Chris Paul and Lebron James have long talked about playing together alongside Carmelo Anthony. Lebron James dealing with his 5th NBA Finals loss teaming up with CP3 is not a bad option. The only issue with the Clippers is they fail to have a tradition of winning championships.

Only Time Lebron James Will Stay put in LA is His Summer Home

In no way shape or form  will Lebron James leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for a second time to go to any team in Los Angeles. For Starters none of the teams are built to win championships now. Lebron is the ultimate opportunist. James was unable to win a championship in Cleveland he bolted to Miami to team up with Wade and Bosh.

When Miami ran its course LBJ bolted back to Cleveland to team up with Kyrie Irving and force a trade for Kevin Love. James is only seeking to go somewhere he has the immediate opportunity to win a championship. Los Angeles is not the place unless he is working with Paul George behind the Scenes and another free agent.

Clippers are not a destination either as CP3 is getting older and has been injured in 3 straight seasons. Carmelo Anthony for Blake Griffin has always been on the table but Melo is past his prime.  Doc Rivers, Jerry West and adding Lebron James to the mix would complicate things to the high heavens. Los Angeles does not provide any teams that are win now and that is what James is seeking.

Western Conference Too Tough

Lebron is used to having a cake walk to the NBA Finals. In 3 Straight NBA seasons Lebron has virtually swept his way to the Finals with the Cavs. James has 7 straight Finals appearances. That is a remarkable feat that would get cut short if he went to the Western Conference. Unless Lebron signed with the Spurs or  Warriors he may be unable to get back to the NBA Finals playing in the west. There are too many unpredictable variables and good teams in the West.

Golden State Warriors are a juggernaut and would stand in Lebron’s path. San Antonio Spurs would dismantle any team Lebron would play on in the West besides GSW because of their depth. In the Eastern conference the teams are not comparable to Cleveland whatsoever. Cavs have stacked the deck with immense talent. Cavaliers easily steamroll the competition.

However in the Western Conference there are at least 3 teams that can win a NBA Title. East only the Cavs are contenders. Why would Lebron James leave a sure fire way to get to the NBA  Finals for possible elimination in the Western Conference Finals? If it were not for Kawhi Leonard Injury we may be talking about the Spurs beating the Cavs in the NBA Finals.

There are rumors that Lebron would sign with the Spurs. That notion is out of wack because Gregg Popovich would not put up with Lebron’s ball dominant style of play. Lebron would concede his title of best player in the world to Kawhi Leonard. Lebron would ultimately be doing what Kevin Durant did joining a team that beat him not once but twice in the NBA Finals. Thus, it would show him to be a hypocrite to the umpteenth power.  Ultimately Lebron is not a system guy and wants to go to a place where he can roam free and do as he pleases that freedom  is not in San Antonio.

Lebron Legacy Would Take A Huge Hit

Lebron James faced huge critiscism leaving Cleveland  the first time. If Lebron were to leave Cleveland for a second time he could forget about even keeping a home in Cleveland. Upon his departure the franchise tailspinned into the dark ages. The Economy was dead in the water. When the King returned and delivered a ring everyone forgave him.

Personally Lebron does not owe Cleveland anything since delivering a championship. I disagree in one regard where Lebron does owe the fans and team respect. Leaving Cleveland to go title chase once again when he is the best player in the game is spitting in the organization’s face.

Lebron would show fans  a fickle nature of being a front runner trying to run to the best position to get a ring. LBJ would possibly be viewed as a pariah who makes it his business to run away every time he does not win a championship. Lebron is the best player players should be running to him not the other way around.  Dan Gilbert and David Griffin have given Lebron James everything that he has asked for and more.

Cavs organization have been paying the most amount of money in luxury tax in NBA History. Griffin resigned JR Smith and Tristan Thompson overpaying them due to pressure from James. At the request of James Cavs traded away young prospects and draft picks for Kevin Love. When Lebron said the team was top heavy they went out and got Andrew Bogut, Derrick Williams, Kyle Korver and Deron Williams.

LBJ leaving a situation where he can practically play GM just shows nothing will satisfy him. Lebron James may be the first player to hold an organization hostage with threats of leaving yearly to get the players he deems good enough for him to win a championship. Every year the Cavs face a potential fall out with the King. No other organization will put up with that kind of disrespect yearly. It is not worth making a bunch of moves to please one player only to lose not only Lebron but set your organization back years. Lebron left Cleveland holding the bag the first time he  left. In addition, James did the same thing to Miami where Dwyane Wade still took less money believing Lebron would return.

Robert Greene Writes in the 48 Laws of Power guard your reputation. James leaving Cleveland a second time would ultimately destroy his reputation and make him lose all the gravitas he built winning in Cleveland. NBA Fans expect loyalty. If Lebron plays another unpredictable game of chicken with the Cavs fans he can be the one getting run over this time.