Cleveland Cavaliers salivate at the chance to get revenge on Kyrie Irving. Many in the Cavs organization including Lebron feel that Irving ruined a great thing. Cavs have Dwyane Wade , Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder to replace the young superstar. Cavaliers will make it to the finals again right? Hold the phone Celtics enhanced their roster as well. Moreover, the C’s have youth on their side. Cavs consist of old legs all the way around. 

Although both teams play down the match up. Both sides want to win and win big. Kyrie Irving is out to prove he is more than Lebron’s side kick. James wants to prove that Irving is nothing without him. While we know James can put up great games, Irving is the player known for his scoring prowess. Kyrie Irving is the best finisher in the NBA. Irving is clutch and can break down defenses at a moments notice. 

Kyrie Irving Faces Challenges But So Does Cleveland

Analyst are very dismissive of Boston as a contender because no one can stop Lebron James. News flash no one on Cleveland is capable of shutting down Kyrie Irving either. JR Smith , Dwyane Wade, Jae Crowder and Derrick Rose will not slow Irving down. Irving replaces Isaiah Thomas in a well run Celtics System by Brad Stevens. Irving is already more efficient than Thomas imagine Kyrie in a system with set plays. 

Furthermore, Irving is more than just a ball handler finisher extradornaire. Preseason proved Kyrie Iriving is a great set up man. Uncle Drew is surrounded by young legs who can run with him on the break. In Cleveland Lebron or Kyrie ran the break. In Boston there are potentially 5 guys that can run the break at any given time.  Kyrie Irving is a wiling passer and can dice up Cleveland if they are not careful. 

Revenge Games Are Always The Sweetest

Lebron James returned to Cleveland with a lot of hostility. At first Miami could not get in a rhythm then the hate fueled Lebron and company to a major victory. Kyrie Irving is facing the same ordeal in Cleveland and his teammates will look to pass to him early and often. The setting is set for a large game. Cleveland has no one to stop Kyrie Irving. Kyrie resents being sonned by Lebron. Cavaliers do not have great threats besides Lebron with Isaiah Thomas sidelined. Celtics youth will essentially run the Cavs out of the gym. Hence, Irving  has the perfect conditions to drop 50 and never look back. 

Cleveland thinks they have a better team than last year. Unfortunately Cavs do not realize 6 new faces means chaos to assimilate in a system that is isolation heavy. Most of the new players will be turned into ball watchers as Lebron James plays point forward. People think the assimilation in Cleveland will be seamless  look at the last 2 out of 3 finals nothing seamless about getting blown off the court. 

Kyrie Irving is coming for the King’s crown. Make no mistake we will see Boston and  Cleveland in the Eastern Conference Finals. In the words of Bart Scott “cant wait!”