JR Smith is officially a bench player for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Smith is taking this hard  and is very hurt. According to JR Smith coaches told him Dwyane Wade’s talents were to bolster the bench.  Dwyane Wade is bench support not a starter. However Cleveland betrayed JR Smith’s trust and lied.

Kevin Love faces a similar situation moving to the Center position. Lebron James told Kevin Love he is the new starting center during a team meeting. Kevin Love did not know about his position change. Tyronn Lue tries to clean it up stating he told Love of the change. However fans can easily see Lebron James dropped a bomb on Kevin Love. 

Cavaliers continuously drop bad news on their so called important players. First JR Smith,  then Kevin Love and now Richard Jefferson. Most noteworthy Cleveland is trading Richard Jefferson to the Atlanta Hawks. Cleveland is still reeling over Golden State and the NBA finals. Colby Altman is pulling out all the stops to reimage the team into a  two way player oriented team. 

JR Smith Key To Cavs Success

Kyrie Irving is a genius to leave the Cavs. Hence, Irving is the smartest man in the room.  Iman Shumpert demanded a trade as well which Cavs failed to grant. JR Smith out of all people is paying the price for his loyalty. Smith came from New York during Phil Jacksons tenure. The NBA gave up on JR Smith. JR came to Cleveland revitalized his career and upped his defense. Moreover Cleveland Cavalier’s title stems from great perimeter defense by Smith. 

Cavaliers framed Dwyane Wade’s arrival as a bench boost. No one asked Smith his thoughts on going to the bench. Once again Cleveland fails to respect the players who help the team gain success. Kyrie, JR, and Kevin Love all experienced disrespect to the utmost degree. Cavs Organization lives to appease Lebron shunning other players.  It is  as if no one has contributed to a championship team before . Cleveland’s 2016 title is a prime example everyone is capable if given respect and trust. 

How is JR Smith  to process the chain of events? Smith Is replaced  for a 35 year old Dwyane Wade. Tristan Thompson loses his starting role. Players must play in unfamiliar roles. Subsequently Cavs view the NBA season like a big experiment. In the midst of it all  JR is left without any defense or truth from the organization. Cavs beware JR Smith is a streaky player. JR Smith is now in a streaky role where the bench will rise and fall with his play. Cleveland Cavaliers are desperate making moves that go against what got the team to the NBA Finals in the first place.