why joel embiid is not an all-star snub

Everyone seems to be of the notion Joel Embiid got snubbed from becoming an all-star. People could not be more wrong about Joel being an All-Star. Embiid is on one of the worst teams in the NBA sitting at 17-27, 12th in the Eastern Conference. NBA  All-Stars are selected from winning teams. Carmelo Anthony  is not an NBA  All-Star selection. The New York Knicks have a losing  record of  20-27. Players on losing teams are rarely All-Stars. Hence, voters got it right.

Another reason Joel Embiid is not an NBA  All-Star is his games played and minutes restrictions. Joel Embiid has only played 30  out of the 44 games this season. Embiid has missed over 32% of the season and we are only half way through the season. Last time I checked NBA All-Stars play most of their games.  Joel Embiid makes matters worse because of a  minutes restrictions. Joel Embiid plays 25 minutes per game when he does play. How can one consider Joel an All-Star when he  rarely can finish a basketball game?

Joel Embiid Stats Don’t Tell the Real Story

Embiid may garner trust from the Process but do not trust his numbers. Joel Embiid is averaging 19.8 points and 7.8 Rebounds per game. Embiid’s effective field goal percentage is 50%. Embiid is  shooting  46% from the field. Casual fans look at these numbers and say All-Star. Unfortunately, A person with that mentality is  dead wrong.

Joel Embiid is the Jeremy Lin of big men. Jeremy Lin had great numbers for a quick time span but eventually his stats bottomed out. The NBA is  seeing flashes of greatness from Embiid, because he rest most games. Embiid goes all out on the court for a brief moment. However, If Joel Embiid had to play every game and long minutes his stats would  be worse. Scouts do not game plan for a player who rarely plays.  Jeremy Lin was not accounted for by teams when he went on his run, Embiid has not been  accounted for by teams and when he plays everything he does is exaggerated. NBA Teams simply do not have enough tape on the process.

Embiid has NBA Fans fooled by the 10 wins in 2017 and him hitting three pointers. Joel Embiid looks great only because he gets to play on a limited basis. Joel doesn’t have to tough out the entire season thus Embiid’s numbers are extremely inflated. A person can play out of their mind for brief stints. NBA Players who play a full season quickly revert back to being average.

NBA Fans can trust the process. Joel is simply not an All-Star quite yet.