Saturday Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant’s Ejection highlighted Golden State Warriors frustrations. Curry threw his mouthpiece after a non- call which led to his ejection. Kevin Durant chimed in and referees tossed him as well. Golden State Warriors seem off early this season. Dubs play in a style that seems they simply want to outscore teams.  Houston Rockets came back and outscored the Warriors in the fourth quarter in the Warriors first loss.  Memphis Grizzlies outscored the Warriors in the second loss 111-101. 

Warriors believe they can outscore most teams and that will be enough to win games. Steve Kerr works with potentially 4 hall of famers and that line of thinking may work last season this season teams are different.  Dub’s offense  ranks 5th. The amount of quality possessions per game Warriors get are below average. Warriors pace is slightly above average at 13th in the league . Dubs pace is way too slow for them to play in the style they wish o play in. 

Steve Kerr’s  offense is too slow and the quality of play is not elite enough for them to have the fast start people expect of the dubs. One can almost see this coming. Golden State’s summer is the shortest out of any team. Furthermore, Dubs political turmoil with Trump affected their offseason. Golden State games in China created a shorter training camp. Moreover, every team in the NBA is giving the dubs their best shot. 

Warriors Defensively Absent Minded

Golden State ranks 29th defensively nearly dead last. Dubs play defensive with their hands and not by moving their feet. Stephen Curry is in foul trouble nearly every game because he reaches too much. The weak side defense of Golden State gets beat back door. One on one defense dubs get beat and give up dribble penetration. Dribble penetration causes break downs and rotations the Dubs are not ready for. 

Draymond Green is the main player who calls out defensive assignments. Kevin Durant is improved defensively yet within the first three games he misses call outs. The NBA season is young but bad habits die hard. Golden State did not dial in their efforts the first 3 games. Expect to see them enhance their defense and avoid foul trouble. Adversity for the Warriors is great because it gives teams a fighting chance. In addition it makes the dubs respect their competition.