why cavs-warriors wil never compare to celtics-lakers rivalry

NBA is trying to pin Cavs-Warriors as the next best thing since the Lakers-Celtics rivalry. Cavs-Warriors will never compare to Lakers-Celtics. Lakers-Celtics  rivalry is deeply routed over multiple years and generations of basketball. Celtics have been going at the Lakers since the 1950’s.

Wilt Chamberlain competed against Bill Russell. Larry Bird competed against Magic Johnson. Kobe Bryant competed against Paul Pierce. There are multiple generations of stars who competed in the Celtics-Lakers rivalry. The two franchises account for more than half of the NBA Championships in the NBA.

Cavs-Warriors have  only met in two NBA Finals matchups. Cavaliers have only been to 3 NBA Finals and the Warriors 5. Lebron versus Curry is probably a bigger pull than the Cavaliers versus Warriors team rivalry.  Celtics and Lakers have met in multiple finals not just 2 and people didn’t watch the rivalry simply for the star players.

Cavs-Warriors Falls Way Short

Cleveland and Golden State have the best  talent in the league . Unlike, Celtics-Lakers,  Cavs-Warriors don’t have some of the best teams ever assembled. From top to bottom the Celtics and Lakers have some of the best starting fives and best benches of all time. These teams were organically built via trades and  NBA draft.

Furthermore, Cavaliers and Warriors are a forced concoction with half of the team chemistry of that of the Celtics and Lakers. Cavs-Warriors lacks the hate that forged that Celtics-Lakers rivalry. Bird and Magic hitting  the deck from elbows is no longer in the game.

Draymond Green would not get suspended in the Celtics-Lakers rivalry. Cavs-Warriors is a watered down version trying to pass itself off as an all-time great rivalry. Durant going to the Warriors only waters down the rivalry further. Durant is a brand new element that doesn’t even bring back the original cast.

Lakers and Celtics have had multiple episodes same cast of characters and no collusion by the NBA. People need to go back in the archives and watch a real rivalry. Warriors and Cavs have way too much respect  for each other and lack the hate factor which made Celtics-Lakers great.