Kyrie Irving has been traded to the Boston Celtics in exchange for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder , Antic Zizic and a 2018 1st-round unprotected pick. Boston Celtics moved heaven and earth to get Irving. Celtics now have a perennial all-star and NBA champion  built to last. Cavaliers shrewdly negotiated a deal that would serve their interest in the interim and the long run. Hence, both teams did what was in their best interest. 

Those who say Cavs Won Kyrie Irving Trade

Cavaliers have a lot to boast about. Cavs were able to unload an unhappy all-star and get Mr. 4th quarter in Isaiah Thomas another all-star with similar scoring talents. Jae Crowder is a solid wing player that can take the load off of Lebron James defensively. Dan Gilbert looks at the team as poised to win now and still be a viable team if Lebron James makes an exit. 

Kevin Love is still an elite all-star besides his poor NBA Finals showing. Cavs have retooled their big 3 and have added depth to their lineup. Cleveland suffered from their lack of bench scoring and Jae Crowder can serve as the remedy. Lebron James has new teammates who have never won a championship and will listen to him blindly. If the King chooses to make a departure Cavs can still build with Thomas and the draft pick. 

People Saying Celtics Won The Trade

Kyrie Irving is a NBA champion who knows how to win. Irving is no scrub and has the potential to carry a team. The Celtics are not a bad team to carry. Irving will be joining Gordon Hayward, Marcus Morris, and Al Horford. Jaylen Brown and Jason Taytum are nice young players who can ball. The Celtics potentially have an emerging monopoly on the best young talent in the NBA. 

Danny Ainge knows with Kyrie at the helm the Celtics have a better shot to get past Cleveland and make it to the NBA Finals. This power move by the Celtics have weakened the Cavs and strengthen the Celtics more than people are willing to give credit. Celtics can be a perennial power house with scoring at every position which they did not have last year. 

Celtics are an underrated deadly team with this move. Ainge still has more draft picks to wheel and deal to improve the bench as well. The sky is the limit for the Celtics and Kyrie is not looking back. Now all that is left is for Lebron and Kyrie to face off in the Eastern Conference Finals.