Boston Celtics lost Gordon Hayward in their opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers. 5 Minutes into play Hayward went up for an alley-oop pass by Kyrie Irving collided slightly with LeBron James and landed awkwardly. Gordon Hayward injury is listed as  a dislocated left ankle and fractured tibia. Hayward’s surgery is Wednesday.

The  Hayward addition meant the Celtics in Eastern Conference contention. Without Hayward Celtics have reduced to 3rd or 4th in the Eastern Conference. Gordon reunited with his college coach Brad Stevens with hopes of rekindling their magic in Butler. 

However, with Gordon’s injury in the first 5 minutes of their opener the magic fleeted.  Brad Stevens decisions in the near future will be critical going forward. The Celtics lack the depth of last years team. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown played well in the opener. Yet, one can see the young players inexperience on the court. Part of the reason Celtics lost the game 99-102 is the young players did not understand time and score. 

Celtics Curse

Most noteworthy It seems every Celtics star undergoes a huge injury as of late. First it was Isaiah Thomas and now Gordon Hayward. Celtics cannot catch a break in the health department. Even the new addition of Marcus Morris failed to start due to health issues. Danny Ainge will have to bring in a savvy veteran to couple with Kyrie Irving to help with depth. In the mean time Celtics deal with an injury curse. 

Celtics seem to be one piece away or have enough to win then they are hit by tragedy or injury. Celtics should consider bringing in an expert to bring good vibes and health into their locker room.

Brad Stevens Options Undesirable

Brad Stevens will look to turn to Marcus Smart to take over the reigns in  Hayward’s absence. The issue with Marcus Smart is he is inconsistent and undersized. Smart is  a hot head and makes bone headed plays late in games. Moreover smart takes inefficient shots hence his low efficiency in field goal percentage and three point percentage. 

Stevens will look towards Terry Rozier yet he is an even more undersized version of Marcus Smart. Celtics can simply look to move forward with their young talent and hope to make noise. Celtics with Gordon Hayward were a threat to the Cavs. Unfortunately without Hayward the threat is no longer imminent. As a result the Celtics season may be over before it even started.