Toronto Raptors have been playing extremely poorly in the series against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Game 2 could not be more of an indicator of how the Cavs have the Raptors days numbered. Subsequently Cavs beat the life out of the Raptors 125-103. Dwane Casey has seen the production of Demar Derozan and Kyle Lowry dwindle to nearly nothing. Demar and Kyle combined for 25 points in Game 2. Toronto Raptors star players have been playing scared and should not even bother to come play.

Toronto Raptors  are not competing. I repeat the Raptors are not competing. Toronto’s star players are playing without the fortitude and competitive juice that merits playoff intensity. Everyone else on the team is following suit playing soft and uninspired. The Raptors can compete the issue is they choose not to compete.

Toronto Raptors Scared to Be Embarrassed?

Kyle Lowry faked an ankle injury to get pulled out of game 2. Demar Derozan has not been attacking the basket like a mad man like he did in the Milwaukee series. Dwane Casey has to understand these guys are afraid to compete against the best. Mid level talent Demar Derozan and Kyle Lowry have no problem showing up, but when they face the LeBrons’ of this word they are timid.

Raptors ultimately rather lay down than show they are giving everything they got. Their is no intestinal fortitude or hard fouls. The Toronto Raptors show no team comradery and are not even supporting each other from the bench. The Cavs have taken the life out of the Raptors but truly the Raptors forgot to put their heart in their chest.

What’s Next For The Raptors?

Ultimately, the Raptors are done because they are going into each game with a losing mentality. There are no more adjustments or lineup changes Dwane Casey can make to fix the lack of heart being shown by the Raptors. Casey simply needs to ask the guys where are you guys heading on vacation because they are playing like their head is elsewhere. There is no cure for a lack of heart that is not something that can be taught or riled up. Raptors simply need to give up the false brovado of being contenders.