tim hardaway jr proves the old adage correct

Tim Hardaway Jr stole the show  as the Atlanta Hawks defeated the  Houston Rockets 113-108. Hardaway Jr had one of his best showings probably in his entire career. Dwight Howard finally returned to face his old team. James Harden has been on the MVP warpath even that wasn’t enough. Timmy stole the show from both guys coming off the bench.

Atlanta Hawks had to overcome a 20 point deficit at one point. Tim Hardaway Jr sparked the Atlanta Hawks comeback and closed out the Houston Rockets almost single handedly. Coach Mike Budenholzer saw that Hardaway Jr was rolling therefore didn’t even bother to put back his starters in the game. You have to love a coach willing to let his bench close out a close game. Dwight Howard was the only supportive  starter cast mate who finished with 24 points and 23 rebounds.

While James Harden is usually the topic of conversation it didn’t happen against the Hawks.  Harden caught fire in the 3rd quarter and dropped 41 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists. Even with that Tim Hardaway was the talk of the town.  Hardaway Jr had a career high 33 points going 12-18, 23 points  in the fourth quarter alone. 

Tim Hardaway Jr Proves The Old Adage Correct

 The NBA is filled with professionals  and on any given night a player can step up. Tim Hardaway  Jr has been a relatively quiet player thus far. Hence, the overall consensus about him is that he is a marginal player. However, Tim Hardaway Jr shut that idea down.

Tim had a performance that lets us know the NBA is only filled with the best of the best. Dennis Schroeder usually closes games but there is a professional behind him that has the same capabilities. Stars are separated by belief. NBA professionals are separated from the rest of the world by skill.

Furthermore, Tim Hardaway Jr’s eruption was a combination of the two factors colliding. People may say why doesn’t he play like this every night? Tim is not a starter, but after that dominant performance hitting multiple shots in a row he’s future bright spot in the NBA. Never get it twisted NBA players from the top to bottom of the bench can play.