Stephen Curry is not standing with President Trumps policy. Curry let reporters know during Warriors Media Day he does not believe in  President Trump. Donald Trump’s policies fail to reflect the day to day realities seen in America today. Therefore, Steph is using his platform to promote positivity and raise awareness to the turbulent climate in America. Stephen Curry mentions Colin Kaepernick black ball situation and Michael Bennett’s arrest as key contributors to his stance. 

Stephen Curry will not visit the White House if invited. Kevin Durant is also not attending he White House if invited. The Golden State Warriors stick together on their stance about the White House. As a result, Steve Kerr is not sure if the team will attend the White House. Apparently the Warriors seek to boycott the White House to elicit change. 

Stephen Curry Is Using His Platform To Promote Change

Many NBA athletes use their platform to push the needle on social issues. Furthermore, Stephen Curry is no exception. Curry seeks to highten the sense of his fans to open eyes about racism, bigotry and ignorance in America. Steph openly admits that boycotting the White House will not change things overnight. However, Americans will be more aware of what is going on if star players, like Stephen Curry, take a stand. 

Americans do not like athletes speaking on social issues. More importantly, athletes have a platform that is more than promoting their brand. Famous athletes like the “Baby Face Assassin” can make America Great by promoting equality. One person can make a difference and Curry seeks to make that difference. 

Clearly America has come a long away. President Trump shows us that we still have a long way to go. Millions of Americans voted for Trump spewing the same hateful message. Warriors stars Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant want to shut down messages of division in America. Strong ignorant stances are not going away in America. In conclusion,  Stephen Curry stands up to show strong positive stances will always be there to combat ignorance.