Lebron James is considered the best player in the game. Yet, King James is not exempt to being trolled by his peers. Stephen Curry was at Harrison Barnes wedding trolling King James doing the #LebronJamesChallenge. Kyrie Irving was in the background laughing at Lebron as well. Media have remarked about how everyone has been so dismissive of Lebron James. Rob Parker was shocked that players would troll the King. 

Stephen Curry Trolling Lebron James 

Lebron Deserves To Be Feared?

James has been compared to Michael Jordan in many regards. People believe Lebron is the closest to catching Jordan’s title as the GOAT. Lebron James is many things but feared is not one of them. James has a 3-5 NBA Finals record. Stephen Curry has handed Lebron 2 of his 5 finals losses. There is no reason for Curry to fear Lebron James. Kyrie Irving needs not fear Lebron either since he is the reason the King has his 3rd ring. 

Irving often gets overlooked hitting the go ahead 3-point shot that sealed the deal for the Cavs. Kyrie sees himself as an equal partner. Lebron has an issue with his career where players do not fear him because he wants to play with other players and they want to play with him. Lebron is the architect of players taking their own destiny in Free Agency. 

Players know they never have to fear him because one day he might want to collaborate on building a super team. Michael Jordan garnered the fear of his contemporaries because he would demoralize you. Jordan never left the inkling that he would ever collaborate or team up. Jordan had a pristine finals record. MJ was untouched and unscathed. 

Record Speaks For Itself

NBA players look at Lebron James and say you’re great but your resume reflects nothing to be feared. In fact, the reason players troll Lebron so much is because he is championed by many as the best player but has so many losses. A company can say they have the best car but if they have many recalls how can they make that claim? 

The analogy applies to Lebron’s career where he has lost so much in the Finals how can one possibly consider him the best overall. Players see his losses and his willingness to team up as weaknesses. Thus, players respect Lebron and his talents but know he is not beyond reproach. Jason Terry knows this well as he outplayed Lebron when the Mavericks won their first NBA title against the heat. 

On the court Lebron will be a feared player in terms of talent and chase down blocks. Other than that players do not fear Lebron to avoid making jokes about him. Lebron James has shown himself to be susceptible to that kind of trolling because he doesn’t penalize anyone. Michael Jordan would penalize you on the court. Kobe Bryant would stare you down and tear your heart out. Lebron simply lacks the killer instinct to garner fear.