Kevin Durant tweeted about his situation with the Thunder. Kevin places the reason for leaving OKC because of a poor roster. KD tweeted that he does not like the Thunder organization nor playing for Billy Donovan. According to Kevin Durant the Thunder team at that time was all  Russ and KD. Oklahoma City Thunder failed to piece together a good roster to accompany Westbrook and Durant. 

Kevin Durant’s final tweet reads Imagine Russell Westbrook leaves the Thunder the mediocrity that will take place soon thereafter.  KD tweets created a big uproar. Kevin Durant talked about the situation in third person on twitter. Kevin created a fake account to defend himself against OKC hecklers. 

Durant looks foolish for responding to twitter trolls and speaking about himself in third person. Kevin is irresponsible with his dealings on the internet. Durant is a target for fans daily. Unfortunately, Durant fell into the twitter trap hence the apology. 

Does Kevin Durant Owe Anybody An Apology?

Athletes tweet idiotic statements everyday. However, Kevin Durant’s case is unique because there is much truth to his statements. Oklahoma City Thunder in the past was a two man show. Russell Westbrook is the heart and soul of the Thunder post Durant’s exodus. Russell off the Thunder team will lead to catastrophe.  Billy Donovan is an inexperienced coach in the NBA ranks. The Thunder lost 3 games  in a row in the Western Conference Finals. Moreover no one else on OKC  stepped up to help Russ and KD overcome Golden State. 

Kevin Durant easily states the obvious with his comments. Kevin’s tweets speak the truth as a result the truth hurts. Durant mistakenly told people what he is really thinking. Durant can apologize however the truth remains the same. Oklahoma City Thunder is not a first class organization. 

Oklahoma City is unable to keep their stars hence the loss of Ibaka, Durant, Harden and soon Westbrook. Onlookers will agree OKC’s inability to put aside frugal ways doomed their franchise. The Thunder blew a decade of dominance over $4 Million. James Harden left OKC because the owner did not want to pay an extra $4 Million for Harden. Oklahoma City cannot keep talent because of cheap ways. 

KD simply puts out the results of cheapness by the Thunder. Russell Westbrook is a prime example of OKC’s negligence. Russ ran himself into the ground for a first round exodus. The Thunder simply do not understand they have to spend money in order to win. Thus, Kevin Durant blasts them for it and looks silly doing so. However, there is great truth to Durant’s comments we simply cannot ignore.