Hoops Junction

Vladimir “Vlad” Dessources Editor and Chief of Hoops Junction


Welcome to Hoops Junction,  created by myself , Vladimir Dessources, but you can call me “Vlad”. For those who do not know me I am a basketball analyst, basketball historian and steward of the game. I have over 17 plus years of basketball experience, playing and observing  the game. Throughout those years I have attained a vast wealth of basketball knowledge that cannot sit in my mental rolodex. I have come to share with all basketball fans what I know and have experienced.

My basketball experience comes from playing as a youth  middle school and high school. As I grew older  in my college days I transitioned into analyzing the game with  more in depth analysis. I am strong proponent of inside -out basketball. I preach the proponents of ball movement.

I am honest with all opinions and do not let my bias get in the way of the truth. I always seek out the what is true in basketball. Even when it is not something to my liking you will see my views reflect the accurate depiction of modern day basketball.

As I began to dive deeper into basketball and saw the way the professionals analyzed the game I came to find two things. One, most of the experts were not as smart as they thought they were and secondly everyone was afraid to tell the truth. Everyone wanted to give the politically correct answer.  I found most people wanted to make headlines instead of headway in the game of basketball.

This inspired me to create Hoops Junction a website dedicated to the sport of basketball. Through this outlet I provide my expertise on all topics basketball. There are so many things I have experienced that I know will benefit basketball players and fans of all ages. In the midst of my experiences I also provide my expertise on the dealings of basketball in the professional ranks like the NBA and amateur basketball like high school.

This website is primarily  my voice and my opinions. I do collaborate with other writers from time to time who do guest posting on this website. Overall you will be getting my take on things going on in the world of basketball. I look forward to infusing new life into the topic of basketball and dissecting it in ways you never imagined. Stay tuned for the ride.