Russell Westbrook had 51 points, 10 rebounds and 13 assists and his Oklahoma City Thunder teammates were unable to support that effort in a win. Westbrook was able to push his team to an 86-74 lead mid 3rd quarter. Brodie sat down to take a breather and the lead evaporated in a heartbeat.

Russell Westbrook came back into the game down when he helped build such a huge lead. Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City for a reason. Westbrook will leave Oklahoma City for the very same reason as KD. Oklahoma City is team that does not have enough firepower to support their stars.

Sam Presti is a big believer in building through the draft but neglects to bring in great prospects via the trade and free agency. OKC philosophy is severely flawed trying to bring in duds instead of making moves for studs.

Russell Westbrook is Your MVP Even In A Loss

Westbrook only had 3 teammates in double figures. Russ did not have any other teammate who scored 20 points! NBA Teams cannot expect to compete with only one player who can score over 20 points.  The OKC Thunder are putrid on offense to say the least. Despite their struggles on offense Westbrook keeps his team in the thick of it.

No other player in the NBA bears such a burden.  No one on his team can get their own shot nor do they want to take their own shot. Victor Oladipo was brought in to be a savior for the Thunder but is more like a false profit. Steven Adams sat out the tale end of the game with 5 points and 5 fouls. Rockets had everyone on the team score while 4 players on the Thunder had 0 points.

OKC making the playoffs is a miracle within itself. The Thunder Team has no business in the playoffs but that goes to the greatness of Russell Westbrook. It takes an MVP caliber player to bring a garbage team to the playoffs. Westbrook is hands down the MVP. While James Harden was getting help Westbrook was the one man band.