russell westbrook hurting his mvp case with trile doubles

Russell Westbrook has come under scrutiny for his triple-doubles and scoring big. Critics feel that Westbrook can do a better job getting teammates involved. Charles Barkley has been imploring Russell Westbrook to do less which in turn would make the team better.

First of all, Russell Westbrook is the MVP of the league. Westbrook is averaging a triple-double 32.1 points, 10.5 rebounds and 10 assists per game. Thunder are currently in the playoffs despite losing Kevin Durant.  The Oklahoma City Thunder have lost 4 straight games in March and people are wanting their MVP trophy back.

Russell Westbrook Needs To get his teammates involved?

Westbrook is averaging 10 assists per game and that is still not enough for critics. Media members claim the team would be better if he gave up the ball more. However, 10 assist proves he is giving up the ball. People have not watched many OKC games.

Westbrook gives up the ball constantly but no one is willing to step up. Russell Westbrook is not doing too much his teammates are doing too little. Andre Roberson constantly misses wide open three point shots. Victor Oladipo is not  a great play maker. Russell should be averaging about 15-20 assists yet his teammates cannot step up and finish.

Brodie Makes His Teammates Better They are Just Not that Good

Colin Cowherd called for Westbrook to stop shooting three point shots. Out of all of his teammates with 3 attempts per game Russell Westbrook has the 3rd highest percentage on the team at 33%. VIctor Oladipo is shooting 36% from three point land and Alex Abrines is shooting 39% from three point range.

Thunder only have one shooter averaging over 38% from three. Sam Presti has not done a good enough job bringing the help for Westbrook to stop shooting those threes Colin is talking about. Brodie leads his teams with rebounds Steven Adams is not doing a solid rebound job for Westbrook to stop crashing the boards.

Russell leads his team in points with 32.1 per game. Victor Oladipo is the 2nd highest scorer on his team averaging 16 points per game. Westbrook is surrounded by guys who are poor  rebounders and scorers. Looking at the Thunder it is a miracle they are a 7th seed. The Portland Trailblazers have two stars and are not even in the playoffs. I do not know anyone more worthy than Russell Westbrook of the  NBA MVP.