Paul George made no quams about his feeings about playing for the Indiana Pacers in the 2017-2018 seasons. George wanted to shut down the skeptics and critics for now by providing a temporary sigh of relief. According to Paul George he believes the Indiana Pacers can compete in the East. Paul highlights the fact out of everyone the Cavaliers played in the East they gave the Cavs a big run for their money.

Paul George has temporarily put the exodus out of Indiana on hold with his commitment. This may be a false hope for the inevitable. Larry Bird has stepped down from the organization and recently Monta Ellis was suspended 5 games for a banned substance. The Pacers off season seems to be getting worse rather than good.

Paul George May Not Force A Trade but his declaration does not mean he will not Leave

PG-13 did not make a long term commitment to the Pacers. While the 2017-2018 season is safe the 2018-2019 season is not. George can opt out of his contract and leave the Pacers with nothing to work with going forward.  Paul could then sign with the Los Angeles Lakers or Cleveland Cavaliers and not have to worry about trades.

Deep down inside this quick tactic of committing feels like a lie by omission. George is not exclusively telling anyone he is leaving but he is not telling anyone he is staying for the long haul either. George’s statement about Indiana  being close to Cleveland is somewhat of a joke as his team underachieved all year.

Indiana had to make a late playoff push just to get into the NBA Playoffs. Recent turmoil in the organization does not make it the prime place for George to stay. Pacers Fans can look at it two ways George is serious about staying and giving the organization a shot or he is lying and has already called Lebron.

The NBA is leaning on super teams and I would not be surprised if George goes elsewhere to create one. There is nothing super in Indiana  at this point and George’s nugget of hope will only  go so far.