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Why NBA’s 2 Minute Report is Hurting Integrity of the Game

NBA’s 2 Minute report was designed as a way for the NBA to show itself as the most transparent sport in the land. Adam Silver and company  thought it would be beneficial for us to know when the referees made mistakes…. Continue Reading →

Why Cavs-Warriors will Never Compare to Lakers-Celtics Rivalry

NBA is trying to pin Cavs-Warriors as the next best thing since the Lakers-Celtics rivalry. Cavs-Warriors will never compare to Lakers-Celtics. Lakers-Celtics  rivalry is deeply routed over multiple years and generations of basketball. Celtics have been going at the Lakers… Continue Reading →

Knee Injury Sidelines Blake Griffin 3-6 Weeks: Is it Time for Clippers to Trade Him?

Blake Griffin is going to undergo arthroscopic surgery on his right knee. Griffin will need another knee surgery on his other knee after what Doc Rivers calls normal wear and tear. Free agency is approaching for Blake Griffin after this… Continue Reading →

Why Donatas Motiejunas Golden State Warriors Missing Link

Houston Rockets rescinded all their rights to Donatas Motiejunas after their intense negotiations went sour. First Donatas did not want to report for his physical. Then Motiejunas received an offer from the Brooklyn Nets for a 4 year  $37 Million… Continue Reading →

One Thing The NBA Needs to Stop Doing Right Now

The NBA has tried to create a reputation of transparency. The league office has taken countless measures to prove that the game is not influenced by outside forces. The New Orleans Pelicans certainly disagree with this notion. The Pelicans are… Continue Reading →

Should NBA Follow D-League and Increase Number of Referees?

The NBA D-League expressed a plan to expand the number of referees officiating the game. The NBDL wants to experiment and see if adding a few set of extra eyes will increase the quality of officiating. This experiment is something… Continue Reading →

3 Reasons Why Kevin Durant Efficiency Has Skyrocketed

Kevin Durant has always been know to be an efficient scorer. KD’s ability to score is second to none as he puts up 30 points per game in his sleep. NBA analyst are shocked that Kevin Durant has been able to become even… Continue Reading →

Why JR Smith’s Minor Knee Injury May Have Major Implications

JR Smith recently injured himself against the Toronto Raptors. Smith looked to have hyperextended his knee coming down off a layup. The Cleveland Cavaliers listed JR’s injury as not a serious injury. The X-rays did not reveal any structural damage… Continue Reading →

Why Iman Shumpert and Draymond Green Need To Shut Up!

Draymond Green came out earlier this year stating he couldn’t wait to face Cleveland. Draymond stated he wanted to destroy Cleveland. Iman Shumpert fired back recently saying he was happy Draymond Green said that. Shumpert said the Cavs would bust… Continue Reading →

How To Use Off-Hand/ Guard Arm When Dribbling

Dribbling has become more crucial for the game of basketball more than ever. Players like Kyrie Irving , Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook have turned dribbling into an art form. Many players never seem to improve due to the fact… Continue Reading →

The One Thing Carmelo Anthony Can Do To Make The Knicks Elite

Carmelo Anthony is headed toward the dog days of his career. Melo is not as quick or athletic as he used to be during his youth. Carmelo’s ability to get to the basket seems to have diminished tremendously. Anthony’s footwork… Continue Reading →

3 Reasons Back To Backs Are Hurting The NBA

The NBA will be negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement and back to backs are top priority. Increased back to back games have been deflating the NBA for years. TV contracts have added a ton of pressure for the NBA to place their product on… Continue Reading →

How To Get Ready For Basketball Tryouts

Basketball Tryouts are upon us and we have tips for you to impress the coaches. Tryouts can be nerve wrecking especially with uncertainty. Coaches are looking for quality players who can help them build the best team. These are the qualities… Continue Reading →

How The NBA MVP Race Became a Two Legged Race

The NBA MVP Race has already been scratched down to 2 nominees. NBA Season is not even through a quarter and we already have two clear cut favorites. James Harden and Russell Westbrook have been putting the MVP Race voters… Continue Reading →

Why Golden State Warriors Should Not Trade Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson seems to be the topic of interest. Reporters state  the Warriors are wiling to trade him to The Boston Celtics. Brian Scalabrine advisor to the Boston Celtics stated that the Celtics would be willing to do a blockbuster deal. Scalabrine… Continue Reading →

Should Carmelo Anthony Ask To Be Traded?

Carmelo Anthony is entering  his 15th season and his tenure in New York seems to be more chaotic year after year. Phil Jackson seems to be leading the New York Knicks on a path to nowhere land. Three head coaches… Continue Reading →

How Luke Walton Sparked Los Angeles Lakers Fast Start.

Luke Walton has the Los Angeles Lakers firing on all cylinders. Lakers are sitting at a record of4-3. Walton has the Lakers playing a different brand of basketball. Watching the “Lake Show” it looks like the young players have infused the… Continue Reading →

Why Russell Westbrook Deserves An Apology

The media has been asking Russell Westbrook a million and one questions before and after OKC lost to the Golden State Warriors 96-122. The Thunder were no match for the Golden State Warriors. After the onslaught Russell Westbrook was no… Continue Reading →

How Ray Allen Changed The NBA

Ray Allen has announced his retirement after an illustrious 19 year NBA season. Allen’s comeback or lack thereof was predicted by the Hoops Junction weeks ago during the off season. Ray listened to our advice and called it quits the… Continue Reading →

3 Reasons Anthony Davis Is the Best Big Man in the NBA

Anthony Davis has been scorching the NBA with his recent play. The Center Position has not seen talent like Davis in a long time. Demarcus Cousins has always been considered to be the best big man by default. Cousins endorsement… Continue Reading →

Golden State Warriors Lose Season Opener Time to Panic?

The Golden State Warriors were routed by the San Antonio Spurs 100-129. Spurs capped their 29 point blow out with a 55-35 rebounding advantage. Golden State Warriors were outrebounded by 20. Kawhi Leonard scorched the Golden State Warriors with a… Continue Reading →

Did Kevin Durant Join Golden State Warriors to Beat LeBron James?

Lebron James came out and said Kevin Durant joined a super team to “beat me”(LBJ). Lebron James said  that in not so many words. Apparently Lebron looks at Kevin Durant’s decision as a way of KD to finally overcome the King…. Continue Reading →

Why James Harden At The Point Guard Position May Work For Houston

James Harden is being shuffled around In Houston by Mike D’antoni. James Harden will try his talents at being a point guard which at first I saw as a mistake.  I gave all the reasons why it would not work, now… Continue Reading →

What Derrick Rose Not Guilty Verdict Means For The New York Knicks

Derrick Rose was found not guilty of allegedly raping his  ex-girlfriend back  in 2013 by a jury deliberating his case. Rose was accused of raping his ex-girlfriend in her Los Angeles apartment after she had passed out from alcohol and… Continue Reading →

How The Golden State Warriors Solve Their Draymond Green Problem

Many sports analyst and commentators have been labeling Draymond Green as a problem to the Golden State Warriors. Analyst are citing Draymond Green’s volatile nature and his propensity to get suspended. Green may have very well cost the Golden State… Continue Reading →

Why Slam Magazines Top 50 Is Wrong About Chris Paul

Slam Magazine came out with their Top 50 players and for some strange reason Slam had Chris Paul Ranked at Number 11. Ladies and gentlemen where do we live in a world where Chris Paul is not a top 10… Continue Reading →

How To Contest Shots In NBA 2K17

Defense is a top priority in NBA 2K17 and contesting shots is key if you want to stop your opponent. The system settings in NBA 2K17 are set to contest on intense-D. This means if you hold L2 PS4 or… Continue Reading →

Why This Season Will be Carmelo Anthony’s Best Season of His Entire Career

Jeff Hornaceck came out and said that the New York Knicks do not need Carmelo  Anthony to carry the team every night. The fact of the matter is that it is true. With the team that the New York Knicks have… Continue Reading →

Generational Gap On Display Paul Pierce Vs Draymond Green

Recently Paul Pierce came out and said he does not feel that this generation of players are as hungry as his generation was , highlighting a generational gap. These comments came from Paul Pierce commenting on Kevin Durant signing with the Golden… Continue Reading →

Eastern Conference Returning To Prominence

For the first time in years the Eastern Conference looks as if it has returned to form. Almost every team in the Eastern Conference looks like they can make a nice run and give East Coast Fans something to watch… Continue Reading →

How To Master Shooting In NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 has been out for over a month and everyone is going crazy trying to figure out how to shoot and get more green lights. 2K sports has really revamped their shooting system and are stearing players away from… Continue Reading →

Is The Media Overreacting To Golden State Warriors Preseason Games?

The Golden State Warriors recently played a preseason game against the Los Angeles Clippers and blew the doors off the hinges. They defeated the Clippers 120-75 and that victory has everyone clamoring about what is about to happen next season…. Continue Reading →

Should David Blatt Accept The Championship Ring From Cleveland?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have extended the offer to David Blatt to accept a championship ring during their ring ceremony. As we all remember David Blatt led the Cleveland Cavaliers to the best record in the Eastern Conference until he was… Continue Reading →

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