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Why JR Smith Will Not Be Last Domino To Fall In Cleveland

JR Smith is officially a bench player for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Smith is taking this hard  and is very hurt. According to JR Smith coaches told him Dwyane Wade’s talents were to bolster the bench.  Dwyane Wade is bench support… Continue Reading →

Michael Jordan Superteams Jab Accurately Depicts Current Era

Michael Jordan depicts the current state of basketball to a Tee. According to the G.O.A.T. “You’re going to have one or two teams that are going to be great, and another  28 teams that are going to be garbage”. Jordan… Continue Reading →

Will Golden State Warriors Era Surpass The Bulls?

Klay Thompson believes the Warriors will be in the same  category as the Chicago Bulls. Thompson does not shy away from comparisons to Michael Jordan’s 72-10 team. Klay points out the Bulls won 6 championship in 8 years. Golden State… Continue Reading →

Adam Silver NBA Draft Reform/Rest Policy Barely Makes A Dent

Adam Silver and the NBA implemented new draft reform addressing teams tanking. Bad teams in the NBA tank in order to get the number 1 pick in the draft. Philadelphia 76ers serve as prime example of a team which continually… Continue Reading →

Is Dwyane Wade Missing Link For Cavs to Beat Warriors?

Dwyane Wade is reunited with Lebron James in Ohio. Wade inked a 1-year $2.3 Million deal with the Cavs. “Flash” is signed at the veterans minimum. Lebron James is always happy to play with Wade. James highlights Wade brings championship… Continue Reading →

Why Carmelo Anthony Makes OKC A Title Contender

The New York Knicks Traded Carmelo Anthony to the Thunder in exchange for Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott and a 2nd Round 2018 pick. Oklahoma City Thunder consists of Russell Westbrook, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. OKC is  a new big… Continue Reading →

Stephen Curry Doesn’t Stand For Things President Trump Has Done

Stephen Curry is not standing with President Trumps policy. Curry let reporters know during Warriors Media Day he does not believe in  President Trump. Donald Trump’s policies fail to reflect the day to day realities seen in America today. Therefore,… Continue Reading →

Charles Barkley Bashes NBA Players Says “Poor Babies” Do You Agree?

Charles Barkley is always good for a sound bite. Barkley calls the current NBA players “poor babies” who are incapable of playing back to backs. Charles comments come after he the NBA revealed the 2017-2018 NBA season with only 14.8… Continue Reading →

Should Kevin Durant Really Apologize For His Tweets?

Kevin Durant tweeted about his situation with the Thunder. Kevin places the reason for leaving OKC because of a poor roster. KD tweeted that he does not like the Thunder organization nor playing for Billy Donovan. According to Kevin Durant… Continue Reading →

Nike Reveals New NBA Statement Jerseys : Hidden Agenda Behind Designs

Nike unveiled their “Statement Uniforms” for the 2017-2018 season. Nike and the NBA have a statement of we want to advertise. The Jerseys across the board have a plain design. Nike strategically leaves open spaces on the jersey for businesses… Continue Reading →

NBA Rank Disrespects Carmelo Anthony To Send A Message

ESPN #NBARank ranks Carmelo Anthony 64th in the NBA out of the top 100 players in the league.  ESPN is simply sending a message to Melo you are not welcome. There is no way Carmelo Anthony is not a top… Continue Reading →

Is Kyrie Irving A Franchise Player? Can Irving Lead Celtics To A Championship?

Kyrie Irving is excited for his new role with the  Boston Celtic to say the least. Irving’s press conference shows a rejuvenated and relieved Kyrie. Boston Celtics are hoping that Kyrie will lead the Celtics to win the East and… Continue Reading →

Kevin Durant Says No one Wants To Wear Under Armour Will Curry’s Brand Take A Hit?

Kevin Durant came out saying no one wants to wear Under Armour. KD echoed the sentiment that kids grow up wanting to wear Nike. “No one wants to play in Under Armour I’m sorry! The Top Kids don’t they all… Continue Reading →

Did Danny Ainge Trade Cavs A “Lemon” In Isaiah Thomas?

Cleveland Cavaliers are looking to gain more assets from the Boston Celtics. After Cleveland’s Doctors investigated  Isaiah Thomas hip the Cavs felt they were undersold on the severity of the injury.  Hence, Cavs are looking to go back to the… Continue Reading →

Celtic Fans Burning Isaiah Thomas Jersey Highlights Bigger Issue For NBA

Isaiah Thomas received backlash for being traded from the Boston Celtics by Danny Ainge. Boston Celtic fans had no business burning I.T.’s jersey who played in the NBA playoffs  after losing his sister in a tragic  car accident. Boston Celtics… Continue Reading →

Why Cavaliers Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas Trade Will Not Make Lebron Stay

Cleveland Cavaliers have taken an all in approach to the off season. Cavaliers have acquired Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Antic Zizic and an unprotected 1st round draft pick for Kyrie Irving. Cavs feel they have enough to compete for a… Continue Reading →

Who Won The Trade For Kyrie Irving Cavs or Celtics?

Kyrie Irving has been traded to the Boston Celtics in exchange for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder , Antic Zizic and a 2018 1st-round unprotected pick. Boston Celtics moved heaven and earth to get Irving. Celtics now have a perennial all-star… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Get NBA Live 18 Instead Of NBA 2K18

NBA Live franchise has gotten a bad rap over the years. Live has even skipped a year in creating a game in order to retool their franchise. NBA 2K has taken over dramatically since the demise of NBA Live. 2K… Continue Reading →

Dahntay Jones Says Stephen Curry is Not A Top 10 Player Do You Agree?

Dahntay Jones has been riding the Cavs bench for the past two season. Jones recently came out to say that Stephen Curry is not a top 10 player. Dahntay Jones comments rang throughout the NBA and sparked debate. One cannot… Continue Reading →

Can Andrew Wiggins Live Up To His Future Contract?

Andrew Wiggins is looking at becoming the $150 Million man in Minnesota. Owner Glen Taylor would like to have a face-to-face sit down meeting before they ink the deal. According to sources close to the situation Wiggins has been avoiding… Continue Reading →

Will Chris Paul See Playoff Success In Houston?

Chris Paul has taken a huge gamble by giving up on the Clippers. Los Angeles was the only team able to sign CP3 to a 5-year $200 Million  extension. Instead Paul  requested a trade that landed him in Houston to… Continue Reading →

Why Doc Rivers Losing Front Office Role Is Good News For Clippers

Doc Rivers is known as one of the best head coaches out there. Unfortunately, like Phil Jackson, Rivers front office acumen has not shown itself to be as formidable. Doc has made questionable decisions like bringing in his son Austin… Continue Reading →

Will Shots Taken At Lebron James Force Him to Join Lakers?

Lebron James has been the butt of many jokes the past week and half. Stephen Curry has trolled the King. Kyrie Irving has let everyone know that he no longer wants to play with James. Kevin Durant has taken an… Continue Reading →

Should NBA Players Fear LeBron James?

Lebron James is considered the best player in the game. Yet, King James is not exempt to being trolled by his peers. Stephen Curry was at Harrison Barnes wedding trolling King James doing the #LebronJamesChallenge. Kyrie Irving was in the… Continue Reading →

How To Start A YouTube Channel For Basketball

YouTube provides people the opportunity to work and collaborate via video. We watch videos for entertainment and educational purposes. YouTube allows for people to learn how to do things on a multitude of levels especially for sports. Experts provide their… Continue Reading →

Cavaliers Are Naive To Kyrie and Lebron Situation : Could Lead to Mutiny

Cavaliers General Manager Koby Altman has been downplaying the Kyrie Irving and Lebron James beef. According to Altman no one in the organization has seen any of these allegations floating around in the media. Altman believes the issues have been… Continue Reading →

Derrick Rose Signs 1-Year Deal With Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs are finalizing a deal with Derrick Rose for 1-year $2.1 Million. Derrick Rose was initially sought after to be a back up point guard. Kyrie Irving threw a monkey wrench in the Cavaliers planning with his trade demands. Nonetheless… Continue Reading →

Where Will Kyrie Irving Land ?

Kyrie Irving is now a huge issue that the Cleveland Cavaliers have to deal with. Irving asked for a trade and the Cavs almost have to oblige in order to ease the friction in the Cavs locker room. Lebron James… Continue Reading →

Would Derrick Rose Be A Better Fit On Cavs Or Lakers?

Derrick Rose is the center of a bidding war between the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers. Rose is said to be in serious talks with Cleveland. However, Los Angeles is trying to sell Derrick Rose on becoming a tutor for… Continue Reading →

LeBron James Frustrated With Cavaliers Off Season Affecting “The Decision 2.0”

Lebron James has been openly annoyed about the Cavaliers lack of  involvement in free agency. King James is looking at a Cavaliers roster that has not changed since the NBA Finals. Cavaliers lost badly in the Finals. LBJ does not want… Continue Reading →

Why Your Opinion of Lonzo Ball Should Not Change

Lonzo Ball has bounced back dramatically since his poor game of 2-15 shooting . Ball has been dropping triple-doubles and making the game look easy in summer league. The Lakers have seen success with young Lonzo at the helm. Fans… Continue Reading →

How Avery Bradley Trade May Be Danny Ainge’s Biggest Mistake

Danny Ainge has been on the hot seat this off season trading away Avery Bradley.  Ainge has been trying to make big moves to close  the gap between the Boston Celtics and  Cleveland Cavaliers. Danny has been reluctant to pull the… Continue Reading →

Why Nick Young Will Make You A Fan of The Warriors Even More

The Golden State Warriors and Nick Young have agreed to a 1 year $5.2 Million deal. Young will be joining a Warriors team looking to reload and win another title this up coming season.  Young signed the Mid-level exception to… Continue Reading →

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