why the nba has to stop doing this right now

The NBA has tried to create a reputation of transparency. The league office has taken countless measures to prove that the game is not influenced by outside forces. The New Orleans Pelicans certainly disagree with this notion. The Pelicans are up in arms after a non-call by the referees on Anthony Davis.

The final possession of the Warriors versus Pelicans game with 4.5 seconds to go  Draymond Green stole the ball from Davis. The bang – bang play was considered by Alvin Gentry a blatant foul. The Warriors felt it was a tremdnous defensive play by Green. The NBA came out and stated that Green’s play on the ball was a foul. According to the League office the officials missed the call.

NBA Needs to Stop Releasing Reviews After The Fact

The fact that NBA releases the correct call after the fact does not change the outcome of the game. Releasing the truth about a call after the fact only shows the incompetence of the officials. Releasing a report to the public serves  no benefit because nothing gets changed.

People say well this validates their notions and shows the NBA is being forthcoming. Foul calls being released post game only provide the image of transparency. People who are not casual fans know when it is the last 10 seconds of game the referees swallow their whistle. A foul call is rarely called even if it is easily discernable.

Anthony Davis and the Pelicans need not overreact but understand those are the breaks of the game. There have been countless games where foul calls were missed there is no need for the NBA to highlight it even more by throwing the referees under the bus.

Furthermore, doing so only makes fans distrust the officials and makes fans angry. If the fans could see it was a foul why not the officials? Fans begin to wonder if they can do a better job. Referees look less competent with the league exposing their call sheet and if it was correct. Need I repeat this again  stating this in the public does not change the outcome. The NBA has to shut down this initiative and fine referees or simply submit the report to the officiating team that blew the call for process improvement.