Nike unveiled their “Statement Uniforms” for the 2017-2018 season. Nike and the NBA have a statement of we want to advertise. The Jerseys across the board have a plain design. Nike strategically leaves open spaces on the jersey for businesses to put  patches. Golden State Warriors just landed a 3 year $60 million deal with a tech firm willing to advertise on the team’s jersey. 

The NBA wants to bring in more revenue with advertising Jerseys. The NBA specifically relays to Nike In all designs of Jerseys to leave open areas for business to put patches. Nike is following orders to the letter as many of the Statement Jerseys  fail to make any statement at all. 

Nike Design Too Plain

The NBA Jerseys lack imagination and do not bring any elements of the teams surroundings. The Logos have bold letters but the jerseys themselves lack hints of boldness. The NBA is reaching a point where the brand is less important than revenue sharing. The NBA’s ultimate goal is to make money. However, the league has a responsibility to its fans to make sure the product across the board maintains a hint of authenticity. 

Nike creates NBA Jerseys with their statement jerseys that take away from overall brand. NBA hosts a league that is innovative and fresh. Bland jerseys do not promote that kind of message.  The NBA reveal that the jerseys have applications with apps. Fans do not buy jerseys to play with apps, instead fans buy jerseys to represent their favorite player and team. 

Nike’s new jerseys do not illustrate a love for one’s team. The statement jerseys promote a blank canvas to allow advertisers to promote brands. The NBA thinks it can short change customers with bad jerseys and at the same time increase profits. Blatant disrespect of fans with pitiful jerseys will only lead to poor sales and a competitor  like Adidas making jerseys next season.