ESPN #NBARank ranks Carmelo Anthony 64th in the NBA out of the top 100 players in the league.  ESPN is simply sending a message to Melo you are not welcome. There is no way Carmelo Anthony is not a top 50 player. Carmelo Anthony is at least a top 20 player. ESPN’s panel has a serious quam with Carmelo Anthony. 

People note Melo is not attentive on defense. Currently in the NBA no one focuses on defenses including James Harden. The Beard is a top 10 player despite his defensive woes. Why does Carmelo, who does the same thing as James Harden, get such a bad rap?

Message To Carmelo Anthony

ESPN is sending out the message loud and clear Carmelo is no longer welcome in the NBA. #NBArank is tired of the isolation basketball that Melo  plays with throughout the season. Panelist do not believe in Carmelo Anthony’s ability to lead a team. ESPN is echoing the sentiments of New York Knicks fans.

No one truly believes Carmelo is not a top 50 player in the NBA. Carmelo fatigue is the reason why he ranks 64th. Melo disappoints Knicks fans one way or another. Therefore, panelist recognize the displeasure of fans and express it by ranking Melo 64th.

Rookies like Lonzo Ball have a higher ranking than Carmelo  and have not proved themselves yet. It is fitting the same fans who championed Carmelo Anthony to New York  are now the ones who despise him.” Be careful what you ask for” echoes in everyone’s mind when thinking of the Knicks situation. 

Moreover, to rank Carmelo Anthony 64th in the NBA is blasphemy.  No one can name 64 players better than Anthony in the NBA today. ESPN runs a contemptuous basketball ranking that is virtually wrong every year. Leaving Carmelo out of the top 50 is simply ESPN taking a dig at Carmelo kicking him while he is down. A trade to Houston may change the rankings and critics minds.