nba predicitions for 2017

Basketball in 2016 was marked with a lot of surprises for the NBA, a great deal of predictions we could not even had made . The Cleveland Cavaliers overcame a 3-1 deficit against the Golden State Warriors. Kevin Durant signed with the Golden State Warriors. Mike D’antoni became the coach of the Houston Rockets. Stephen Curry won the Unanimous MVP and Warriors went 73-9.

We will take crack at making predictions for 2017. The New Year can mark the year of new contenders . NBA is changing its guard and we will see some great surprises that will blow our minds. The league is filled with sleepers and unexpected things that will happen.

Mind you these are just predictions and are not set in stone. Do not go betting against your better judgement.

Predictions For 2017 That Will Blow Your Mind

  • Cleveland Cavaliers will not be in the NBA Finals. Lebron James has made it to 6 straight finals and the law of averages states there will not be a 7th. Currently the Cavaliers are the best team in the East and the power rankings have them first in the NBA. Although James has been consistent there have been signs of the team and himself slowing down. Lebron James has already been resting as if something is ailing besides normal wear and tear. JR Smith has injured his hand will be out 12-14 weeks. Kyrie Irving has been the teams closer but has recently injured his thigh and sat out a game. The Cavaliers bench is not as strong as it was last season. These are all the hints of them to be knocked out of the Eastern Conference Finals. If they do get to the Finals it will not be pretty for the Cavaliers.
  • Houston Rockets are going to the Western Conference Finals. The Rockets 7 seconds or less offense is hot. Rockets are a tough cover for any team. James Harden is playing at an elite Level worthy  of being the MVP. Rockets are one of the main threats to  the Warriors as they are the only team in the West that can keep up with them scoring.
  • Russell Westbrook will be second player to win unanimous MVP. Although the MVP race is close now if Russ continues to rack up triple doubles the voters will have no choice but to give him the number 1 vote. Westbrook is on pace to average a triple double the entire season. If that happens Russell’s new name will be the “BIG O” jr.
  • Golden State Warriors will sweep or win NBA Finals in 5 games. People  are not sold on the Warriors which is all the more reason for them to prove everyone wrong. People are citing their lack of depth and the fact that they are a high turnover team. Warriors are looking at the regular season as an experiment. Once they get to the playoffs they will dial it  in. KD and Stephen Curry have seen all the memes about blowing a 3-1 lead. They have heard all the criticisms. Critics  will make them grow stronger and force them to put on their greatest performance together  as a unit of all time.
  • Los Angeles Clippers will trade Blake Griffin or Chris Paul. Clippers are overrated and show signs of self destruction. In order for Doc Rivers to protect his own  neck he will make a trade that will forever change the landscape of the NBA.
  • Demarcus Cousins will be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. Cousins has shown great unhappiness in  Sacramento .  Shaq and Vlade Divac have roots in LA and the bridge for a trade is wide open. The Lakers have always had great big men. Cousins would be another great addition to the tradition.

These a re a few predictions although some are farfetched they can happen. Mind you I also predicted the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA Finals last year.