All-Star Saturday was missing one important piece, the game of Horse.  The skills challenge was okay. The three point competition was a big hit. The night ended on a low with the Verizon slam dunk contest. Fans were severely disappointed with the amount of missed dunks.

The NBA needs to add a different aspect to the dunk  contest or simply insert HORSE as a separate entity. Adam Silver can insert an element of HORSE into the slam dunk contest in the final round. Dunkers in the final round can go back to back mirroring the exact same dunk until one cannot complete it accumulating letters.

A HORSE style of final round would incorporate a greater deal of difficulty and inspire creativity. Dunkers would have to come up with dunks they know their opponents would be unable to pull off. Commissioner needs to change up the dunk contest format because last night was not exciting.

HORSE can save All-Star Saturday Night

Horse alone by itself is a game that can really infuse the festivities during all-star weekend. A game like this can really show off the skill needed to play in the NBA. NBA Stars would be more inclined to participate in this game because it does not take a lot out of one’s body.

The game does not allow the excuse of being embarrassed because you can either make a shot or not. In addition,  players get to show off their imagination in way that does not require a great deal of athleticism. Stephen Curry is not the most athletic. As a result we will never see him in a dunk contest.

Horse is better because we can get a competition with Lebron versus Steph head to head with an aspect of basketball that they are evenly matched. The NBA needs to revamp All-Star Saturday because I was thoroughly disappointed.