should the nba add more referees to officiate games

The NBA D-League expressed a plan to expand the number of referees officiating the game. The NBDL wants to experiment and see if adding a few set of extra eyes will increase the quality of officiating. This experiment is something that can open the doors for better officiating across the board.

Referees are constantly berated on the amount of bad calls that they make. People think the refs simply do not know their job. That notion is the furthest thing from the truth. Referees have to watch their performance after a game immediately after. Videos are sent to each official to show where they missed calls and could do better.

Are 3 Referees Simply Not Enough?

The NBA used to have a two person officiating system until 1988 when they went to 3 referees on the floor. Even with that improvement fans seem to always be displeased. Adding one more referee  in the mix would serve to provide a 360 view of the court. Players backside, left side and right side and back line would be covered.

Expanding the number of officials would mean more accuracy. The NFL has many officials watching the game at all angles. Even that system there are controversial calls but more often than not they get it right. The NBA has great officials and like the NFL for the most part they get things right.

Implementation of adding one or even two more officials is tricky. How would the NBA be able to implement that on the court and keep continuity? I do not have  an answer for that especially in a game where referees collide with players constantly. A fourth official means the floor can somewhat shrink.

If the NBDL sees a positive correlation the NBA should look into  expanding the number of officials. Anything that will push the game of basketball forward will only enhance the integrity of the game.