nba all-star voting snubs prove why nba fans should be shot

NBA All-Star starters were announced. While most of the players are great starters we have some severe snubs. The NBA implemented new style of voting which took into account 3 categories. NBA All-Star Starters were voted in by using the fan vote, the media rank and the player vote.

The fan vote counts as twice. Then all the ranks would be calculated and divided by 4 which is the 2 fan votes + media rank and player vote. The smaller average of sum of the numbers the better chance a player had to be an All-Star Starter. We will provide you an example. Let us say a player was ranked 3rd in the fan voting, 2nd Media Rank and 1st in player voting. We would then add 3+3+2+1 which would equal 9.

You would take 9 and divide by the four categories, 9/4= 2.25. That would be a players average the lower an average for a spot the more likely the player becomes a starter. So lets say there are two forwards battling for a forward spot one has a 2.25 rank and the other a 2.0 rank, the player with the 2.0 rank would be a starter.  

When NBA All-Star Voting Goes Wrong

The NBA thought of itself as so clever implementing this system unitl we saw the snubs for the NBA All-Star Voting. That is when the NBA knew it F&&*K#@ up. Two of the best players in both conferences were left out as NBA All-Star Starters. These two players are the best in their respective conferences at the position this year and should have been no brainers as starters.

The NBA and it’s algorithm could not calculate the a simple vote and left Russell Westbrook and Isaiah Thomas off as starters. Both players are having better seasons than the people chosen to go ahead of them. Isaiah Thomas is having a better season than Kyrie Irving. Irving is averaging 23 points and 5.6 assists per game. Isaiah Thomas is averaging 28 and 6 assists per game. Russell Westbrook is averaging a triple-double 30 points, 10 assists and 10 rebounds. Stephen Curry chosen in his place is averaging 24 points and 6 assists.

Why are two players who are having better seasons snubbed so blatantly? The NBA overthought the voting and left too much up to the hands of the fans. The fan voting ruined a potential KD and Westbrook reunion. The NBA All-Star voting kept a great point guard in Boston from starting in his rightful place. It is time for the NBA to make the NBA fan vote count for less because the fans simply don’t have a clue. Westbrook and Thomas were left off as starters because of a fan vote that is ridiculous and should never happen again. Some things should not be a popularity contest but based on merit.