nba's 2 minute report hurting the credibility of  basketball

NBA’s 2 Minute report was designed as a way for the NBA to show itself as the most transparent sport in the land. Adam Silver and company  thought it would be beneficial for us to know when the referees made mistakes. Silver  believed the 2 Minute report would satisfy the fan’s need to know the game is not rigged.

People have always complained about the game of basketball being coherced by officiating. The NBA Finals recently have displayed many questionable calls which have brought into question the league’s credibility. Official’s 2 Minute reports have been released more frequently and only make the referees look incompetent.

Reports of this nature have been highlighting the missed calls that fans already know have been  missed. Officials are seemingly being discredited by mistakes they make in the last 2 minutes of a game while the rest of the 46 minutes are ignored.

2 Minute Report Simply Bad For Business

Kevin Durant has already come to the officials defense. KD called the reports “Bull Shit” which they are absolutely. NBA releasing a 2-Minute report on the final calls of the game does not change the outcome of the game. The League office cannot rescind a win or a call based on a 2-Minute report.

Referees are not improved by a report showing their short comings to the general public. Companies rarely release mistakes made by their officials. Employees who make mistakes are provided a highlight of what they did wrong. Employers then send their employees through corrective action plans.

NBA has it completely wrong releasing the reports only will not improve their employees. Referees are given a high emphasis on what they are doing wrong with these reports. Refs are not provided the tools to avoid missing these calls in the future. Adam Silver should focus on corrective actions for officials to get better every day.

The NBA has to take steps to improving their officiating daily instead of sending out reports to the public. Basketball’s integrity at the highest level is being undermined. A report is released but nothing is done about it, which does not make any sense. What is the use of releasing a report if nothing is going to get done about it?