OKC has not been what fans have expected. Currently at 13-14 the Thunder would not be in the playoffs if the post season started today. OKC is strong defensively allowing opponents to score about 99.6 points per game. Oklahoma City defensive rating is second in the NBA only to the Boston Celtics. While the Thunder seem to be solid defensively offensively the team is abysmal. 

Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony and Paul George on one team and they are unable to gel? Thunder barely score 100 points per game ranked 24th in scoring. OKC is suffering a below average offensive rating ranked 22 out of 30 teams. Thus, offensively OKC has tremendous room for growth. 

Who Is Responsible For This OKC Mess?

Billy Donovan is coming under a lot of heat. People point out that Donovan had Oklahoma City one game away from the NBA Finals. However, one cannot rest on your laurels and must  consistently focus on the situation at hand. Carmelo Anthony has waived off Donovan during games for substitutions. The plays that are orchestrated seem to be almost collegiate. Billy has yet to grab the pulse of the team. 

Westbrook is coming under fire for his poor shooting. Russell is shooting 39 % from the field and a horrible 31% from 3 point land. Russ might as well build a school with all of those bricks. Carmelo Anthony is not far behind shooting 40% from the field and 33% from three. Moreover PG-13 is struggling as well.

When you play with better players it is supposed to make the game easier not harder. The Thunder have a conundrum where an easy transition is ridiculously difficult. No one  person can shoulder blame for this debacle. Everyone from the top down in the organization is responsible for this putrid record from great talent. Fans in OKC must demand better from the team and organization. Oklahoma City Thunder is on the clock they better shape up or watch Melo and PG ship out.