Michael Jordan depicts the current state of basketball to a Tee. According to the G.O.A.T. “You’re going to have one or two teams that are going to be great, and another  28 teams that are going to be garbage”. Jordan is spot on with his remarks. The NBA is a two team show between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Lebron James has dominated the East for multiple seasons. Stephen Curry converted Kevin Durant to leave his team. 

The NBA clearly lacks parody. NBA Fans can predict the NBA Finals like a weatherman predicts the weather. Barring some major miscalculation fans give accurate predictions. Michael Jordan played in an unpredictable era fueled with doubt. No one in the 1990s can go into Vegas and confidently bet on a team. Golden State Warriors have high odds in Vegas to the point people lose money betting on the dubs. 

Michael Jordan Sees The Future Ala Miss Cleo

Michael Jordan sees the plight of the NBA. Only two teams carry the entire league, it is extremely sad. The NBA has no shortage of great players. Unfortunately most of the great players  play for one or two teams. Fans will not remember the Portland Trailblazers with Damian Lillard or Indiana Pacers with Paul George. NBA teams have multiple stars playing on one team. 

Oklahoma City Thunder modeled the super team blueprint in  trades for Carmelo Anthony and Paul George. Hence, GMs are of the mind state if you cannot beat them join them. 

Moreover fans suffer the plight of waiting for their favorite team to pull a radical move to create a superteam. Michael Jordan hits the nail right on the head. The NBA is a great league with only two or three great teams. It is an oxymoron how can the NBA be great with a limited amount of great teams?

However, Michael cannot complain too much. The Lakers and Celtics dominated the NBA for years. Most importantly Chicago Bulls won multiple championships essentially destroying competition. Therefore, MJ’s comments can be viewed as sour grapes. 

Yet the biggest difference between Mike’s era and today is free agency. Player mobility today keeps NBA teams hostage. Players decide where they go and how they go. Kyrie Irving demanded a trade and voila he is in Boston. While in Michael Jordan’s era demands of that sort never saw the light of day. 

Furthermore NBA players only want to play for a select few franchises. NBA players do not want to face a challenge of staying on one team. Mobility is today’s NBA currency hence the no trade clauses in contracts.  No one may never have the answer but do not complain about parody or bad teams when the superteams issue is outlined by many including  Michael Jordan.