Lebron James has been openly annoyed about the Cavaliers lack of  involvement in free agency. King James is looking at a Cavaliers roster that has not changed since the NBA Finals. Cavaliers lost badly in the Finals. LBJ does not want to relive that nightmare. Lebron is “frustrated” and “concerned” with the  Cleveland Cavaliers.

Cleveland Cavaliers have not helped themselves to gain favor by the King with some questionable moves. David Blatt failed to renew David Griffin’s contract. Griffin was the first GM to ever bring a championship to the Cavaliers organization. Griffin led the Cavs to 3 straight NBA Finals. Unfortunately Blatt was unable to bring in Chauncey Billups as a viable replacement. David disrespectfully low balled Billups on the offer sheet. Consequently the Cavaliers are operating without a GM.

Moreover, Cavs GM vacancy explains why Cleveland was unable to come up with a deal to get Paul George or Jimmy Butler.  Carmelo Anthony trade talks all but have cooled off. In addition,  Kyrie Irving is bearing the brunt of Lebron’s frustration with some of his own. Irving feels the Cavs are in a “peculiar” place. As a result  Irving stated if Lebron James does not return after next season Irving would like to be traded. Seems like The sky is falling on the Cavaliers Franchise.

Lebron James The Decision 2.0

Cavaliers  will ultimately force James to  leave the organization. Thus the inner turmoil is setting up the Decision once again. Therefore, Cavs are to the point where there are rumors they are considering trading Lebron James. One cannot blame the Cavaliers organization as Lebron’s agent  has been reaching out to the Lakers organization.

Apparently Lebron’s agent insinuated the Lakers organization should sit down and talk business. Lebron openly frustrated and his manager taking meetings is not a good sign at all for Cleveland. Most of all  Cavs were decimated by the first decision. However, Decision 2.0 may wipe the franchise off the map.

Lebron leaving would not be a problem if Irving and Kevin Love stayed. However,  both will most likely ask to leave immediately following a Lebron departure. It is ironic Lebron is seemingly trying to force his way out of the same place he fought to get back to. The more things change the more they stay the same.

James will not play anywhere he feels an instant championship is viable. Hence, Lebron wants to continue to stack the deck in his favor. King James  playing the cards he was dealt is not always an option. Sometimes he rather fold the hand and move to another table. Cavs are in a world of mess. Seems like Jalen Rose put it best  Lebron is as good as gone. After this uneventful off season you can believe James is looking toward his legacy and future.