Blake Griffin is going to undergo arthroscopic surgery on his right knee. Griffin will need another knee surgery on his other knee after what Doc Rivers calls normal wear and tear. Free agency is approaching for Blake Griffin after this season. Injury does not bode well for the young star. NBA Teams can now come in negotiations with the tactic that Blake is damaged goods.

Doc Rivers has an important decision to make about this situation. Los Angeles Clippers have never made it a Western Conference Finals. Clippers do not have one banner to their name. Blake Griffin being injured is a huge setback for Doc Rivers if Doc decides to wait on Blake’s recovery.

Blake’s injury can actually work in the Clippers favor. Doc Rivers can ride the silver lining of this dark cloud and make a trade. Ladies and gentlemen it is time for the Clippers to make a change. Blake Griffin and his a knee provides the Clippers the perfect excuse to go out and get a player to push the team over the hump.

Every year the Clippers start out as contenders only to be shown as pretenders later in the season. The Clippers need some firepower that Blake Griffin cannot provide. DeAndre Jordan is already serving as the rim protector and rebounder. Griffin’s game is not that much better than DeAndre’s the only difference is Griffin has a mid range shot and gets plays called for him.

Los Angeles Clippers Should Trade Blake Griffin for Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony is unhappy in New York. Griffin is not the happiest camper in LA with his run ins with Chris Paul and Clippers staff.  A Melo-Griffin trade serves as a win-win for both parties involved. The Knicks would get a young energetic star to add with Porzingis. Clippers get back a deadlier scorer who commands more of a double team.

Carmelo Anthony would be surrounded by great defenders who can make up for his lack of defensive prowess. Blake Griffin would know definitively the Knicks team would be his team without any confusion if he is the second best player. Not only would this bolster both teams it would enhance the competition in both conferences.

Doc Rivers has one hell of a Christmas gift laying in his lap. If he refuses to trade Griffin then he will be upset with himself he did not unwrap the gift earlier.


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