Kevin Durant came out saying no one wants to wear Under Armour. KD echoed the sentiment that kids grow up wanting to wear Nike. “No one wants to play in Under Armour I’m sorry! The Top Kids don’t they all play Nike.” Durant has been quite outspoken since winning his NBA Championship with the Warriors. Stephen Curry represents the Under Armour brand that “no one wants to wear.”

Kevin Durant was asked if he spoke with Stephen Curry. Durant stated that everyone knows that people do not wear Under Armour they simply do not talk about it. KD’s words do speak for a lot of the young population and sport athletes. Most of the top sports athletes have contracts with Nike.

Stephen Curry decided to go another route and found success. Under Armour stock is going down and Durant’s comments do not help. Curry is supposed to represent the brand thus if the brand is going down so is Steph’s popularity. One could argue that Under Armour has not found a stylish enough shoe to market to the public. Under Armour has great performance brand unfortunately their shoes are not that popular. 

Steph’s recent Under Armour shoe in the finals was an excellent model. Under Armour falls short with consistency. One minute the public is given a great shoe and the next their is a radical design that does not make sense. 

Will Kevin Durant Sharp Criticisms of Under Armour Kill Stephen Curry’s Branding? 

Kevin Durant is echoing a sentiment known for decades. Nike is the number 1 sports brand in selling shoes in North America. KD is stating the obvious. Stephen Curry’s brand will not take a hit as some may think. People think Curry is not as popular since KD joined the team, but Curry’s Jersey Sales are #1 in the NBA. Steph has the 2nd largest endorsements deal in the NBA behind Lebron James.

Curry’s brand overall is fine. Steph’s shoe branding could use some work. Under Armour has came out with good looking shoes the past models. The Company must find a way to create great models across the board to model to the youth. Stephen Curry cannot be the only feature athlete marketing to the masses. Nike is successful because they have Lebron, KD, MJ, Carmelo etc.

Under Armour has to land big names who are top 10 players in order to get their sales. People wear the shoes of their favorite players. Nike has the biggest roster of the NBA’s favorite players. Under Armour just got Dennis Smith Jr on board. Stephen Curry needs more stars on the roster and the brand will take off.