With Stephen Curry out Kevin Durant has led the Golden State Warriors to a 6-0 record.  Along the run KD has hit big shot after big shot. Durant hit a game winner in LA and dropped a triple double against the Hornets. Lebron is the King of being taken for granted. Kevin Durant is approaching the same level. 

When Stephen Curry went down with an ankle injury people painted a picture of doom and gloom. Curry is a key cog for the Warriors pace. Warriors seemed to be without their engine. Hence, panic ensued.   However there is a NBA MVP and NBA Finals MVP in the midst of the dubs. Kevin Durant knows a few things about winning games. 

Kevin Durant and Lebron James Brothers In Critic’s Arms

Lebron James and Kevin Durant may have different playing styles yet they share the same plight of being severely taken for granted. Most noteworthy for some odd reason there is a growing consensus KD doesn’t have what it takes to win.  Similarly Lebron James in the past James is  labeled  a great regular season player but unable to win. James proved that wrong 3 times over. Moreover, Kevin Durant is on his victory lap this season. Thus Durant will look to prove the naysayers wrong. 

Unfortunately Kevin Durant joining the Warriors tarnished his reputation. Yet one cannot dispute Kevin is a top 5 player in the NBA. Therefore the constant disrespect and assaults he faces on his game are unwarranted.  James suffered the same  hate mail in Miami. Lebron had some of his best seasons in Miami. KD is playing his best basketball in his career. 

People must enjoy what Durant is doing in this stage in his career. KD provided a ton of drama and great play in the NBA Finals. Durant dominated the post season in a way we have not seen . Durant is putting up numbers we may never see again. Fans choose to focus on his decisions rather than his play. When it is all said and done we may be looking at the NBA’s new scoring leader and multiple champion. Enjoy KD while he is on the ground floor because the more he wins the less people can say about him.