Kyrie Irving is excited for his new role with the  Boston Celtic to say the least. Irving’s press conference shows a rejuvenated and relieved Kyrie. Boston Celtics are hoping that Kyrie will lead the Celtics to win the East and eventually a NBA Championship. Critics openly question the capabilities of Kyrie Irving. To Many  Kyrie is  a scorer and nothing else.

According to Colin Cowherd, multiple scouts and General Managers list Kyrie as a great offensive scorer and lack luster in all other facets of the game. General Managers think Kyrie is disengages defensively . Scouts think Irving  obsesses with scoring the basketball more than making teammates better. 

Kyrie Irving Getting An Unfair Rap

People criticize Irving without truly giving him a fair shake. Critics site Kyrie’s first 3 years in the NBA as proof Irving is not a franchise player. However, most critics fail to understand that one, Kyrie was very young and two, those Cleveland teams were terrible. People  lament on a young Irving and fail to focus on the current player we see today. 

Last season Kyrie averaged 25.2 points,  5.8 assists and 3.2 rebounds per game. Uncle Drew is a playmaker, you do not average 6 assist per game if you are unable to make plays. The idea Irving is one-dimensional is ignorant and borderline disrespectful. 

Lebron James elevated Irving but in a sense destroyed Kyrie’s reputation. LBJ lifted Irving to Championship contender and Champion. At the same time Kyrie only gets credit as a scorer and nothing else. Max Kellerman refers to Irving as a specialized weapon for scoring. Kyrie is unfairly  pegged as a one trick pony when in reality he is forced to play a mercenary role at Lebron’s request.  

Kyrie Is More Than Just A Closer 

Lebron James is terrified of taking last shots or making the final plays in games. Lebron leaned on Irving to take those plays off. As a results Lebron took over all of the play making and point guard responsibilities. Tyronn Lue mistakenly made Lebron James the defacto point guard hence disenfranchised Irving’s rights as a point guard. 

In Cleveland Kyrie is not  allowed to run the offense  because Lebron wants complete control. James’ control results in a poor image of Kyrie as one dimensional. Irving is not just a spot up shooter like Kyle Korver. Kyrie Irving is not a rebounder like Tristan Thompson. Kyrie is not just a stretch big to shoot jumpers. Unfortunately, Lebron turns teammates into  one trick ponies. Lebron gets all the accolades because he forces players to adjust while the King does not adjust to anyone. All the while Lebron’s teammates game suffers. Teammates are viewed as inept or incapable when it is untrue. 

Eat Your Words or Nah?

Kyrie Irving is a franchise player that will have many people eating their words. Irving has made the biggest plays in the biggest moments. Kyrie is a NBA Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist and All-Star. General Managers consider Kyle Lowry  a franchise player so why does Kyrie not get the same respect? Overall Irving is better than Lowry however critics disrespect Uncle Drew as an elite player. 

The buck stops here! Irving is now a Celtic ready and eager to prove doubters wrong. Kyrie is more than a one-dimensional player and his play will prove it. The Boston Celtics are a new  powerhouse in the Eastern Conference. Celtics will compete  for several years to come. Please believe Kyrie will convert many non-believers this upcoming season.