how to start a youtube channel

YouTube provides people the opportunity to work and collaborate via video. We watch videos for entertainment and educational purposes. YouTube allows for people to learn how to do things on a multitude of levels especially for sports. Experts provide their opinions and knowledge on the platform for people who are looking to enhance their skills. Hence, when it comes to basketball it is no different. 

Coaches, players and commentators are on YouTube sharing their abundance of knowledge. More importantly they are making people better in the process. Basketball is a sport where everyone is looking to get better on and off the court. If you have something to offer the basketball community YouTube might be for you. Below are the steps to start a successful YouTube channel. 

Start Your Own YouTube Today

First of all, decide which kind of content will be displayed on the channel. Many people make a mistake by not choosing a specific niche. Sports like basketball offer a wide variety of niches to talk about. A channel can consist of shooting tips, defensive tips and training tips. Whatever the channel is about make sure it is clear and fits in a niche. A YouTube channel that is very specific will do better than a broad channel that does not seem to cater to a clear audience.  A channel based on basketball playing cards will have more gravitas than a variety basketball channel. Be clear on what the channel is about and what niche it is fulfilling. 

Secondly, create content on a consistent basis. There are millions of channels and the people who consistently put up content are the ones who are winning. Have a schedule for your video post. If it is once a week then post once a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule than post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Consistency is key as sporadic posters will not be as successful. Think about Dunkin’ Donuts they do not have the best coffee in the world but they give you a consistency with service and the coffee. Let the audience know they can count on you to post. 

Create a channel that has the feel to help people. The best YouTube channels help people. Basketball is sport people need help understanding whether it is plays, style, techniques and skills. Create a channel to help others. Do not just go straight for making money and creating gimmicks. Your motivations will be seen and people will know you are not genuine. Help others and leave a lasting legacy. 

Technical Skills To Help Your Channel 

These are a few tips for the videos themselves. Get an editor even if it is windows editor. Simple editing can improve your videos and make them shorter. Long videos tend to not do so well due to the short attention span of todays viewers. Lighting is very important in a video. Great  Lighting will give the video good energy and let people actually see what is being shown. Poor lighting will kill the buzz of the video.  Camera quality also plays a role but do not be scared to start out using your camera phone. As you level up so will the camera quality. 

Practice speaking loudly and clearly. You can always get a microphone . Speaking clearly and concisely will definitely help the audience understand your point of view. In addition it will give off an authoritative vibe and make you more confident. When the video is complete write a great description and choose keywords that are pertinent to the subject. People want to know a little bit about what they are going to see before they see it. Lastly, try to have a decent looking background. People like to look at YouTubers in a cool setting. Scenery sets the mood and makes people feel welcome and want to stay.