NBA 2K18 is a great game and everyone is trying to get that elusive green release. Players want to improve their game anyway that they can. The name of the game is putting the basketball in the basket. In order to get more buckets one must master the shooting release.

There are many tips to improve chances of getting green releases. However there is one tip experts are not talking about. Before we reveal the number one tip you are not using in NBA 2K18 we want to revisit  a few tips. If you are not using the right analog stick to shoot you are putting yourself at a great disadvantage. Shooting with the right analog stick enhances your chances dramatically. Developers allow more leeway on the release scale when shooting with the analog stick rather than the square button on PS4 or X button on the XBOX One.  Bottom line use the right analog stick to shoot. 

Secondly, know your players ratings and hot spots. Players have different ranges and ratings in certain spots. If a player is ranked a “C” outside at 3 point range you do not want to shoot a lot of threes. Before you use a team or player know their strengths and ratings. Knowing Hot spots for players will enhance chances of getting green releases. 2K developers have made it where even if your release is not perfect the mere fact you are in a hot spot will compensate for any release miscues. Thus if you like to use Lebron James and he has a hot spot from the corner three try to shoot as many 3’s from that spot.

Furthermore, wait for players to set their feet. Not many players can shoot well on the move. Allow the players to set their feet for a split second. You will know a player has their feet set when they are facing the basket. Once the player has their feet set  and faces the basket let it fly. Developers allow set players to achieve more green releases than players on the move. A great way to get your players set better is to run set plays for players . When you run a play for a Steph Curry when he gets the ball he is set and ready to shoot. Therefore you are more likely to get a green release than if he was shooting off the dribble. 

Refrain from shooting a lot of contested jumpers. It goes without saying but sometimes players fail to use common sense. The algorithm of NBA 2K18 allows for users to get more Green releases who shoot open jumpers. Contested jumpers leads to a higher chance of missing a green release. In order to know the difference between an open shot and contested shot turn on shot feedback. 

Number One Tip NBA 2K18 Developers Are Not telling You!!!!!!!!

The Best way to get more Green releases in NBA 2K18 has nothing to do with your game and more to do with your TV. You want make sure you are A) playing on a smaller monitor and B) have game mode on. The smaller your TV the faster the refresh rate. The faster frame rate allows you to time your releases better. This slows down the meter almost like Neo was able to slow down bullets in the matrix. 

If you do not have a smaller monitor to play on then make sure game mode is set to on during your game play. You can find game mode on your TV settings. Game mode makes the playing environment and refresh rate more suitable for NBA 2K. Game mode has the same effect of using a smaller monitor. Thus you are afforded a greater margin of error to get a green release since the meter is slowed down. Using a smaller monitor and /or game mode on will dramatically increase your chances of getting green releases.