how the mental side of basketball is more important than the physical

The mental side of sports has been examined time and time again. There is much more extensive research that goes into the cognitive  side of the game of sports that has unleashed some of the best players we have ever seen. It is often said that the mental side of the game is the most important. The mental game is what sets apart the Tim Thomas’ of the world and the Kobe Bryants. The mental game is what sets apart the Michael Jordans of the world and the John Starks of the world.

When it comes to professional athletes it truly is all mental. Of course there are some physical aspects you have to account for height, strength and speed. Yet every NBA player can find their way to become the best version of themselves and be effective. Just take a look at how Stephen Curry has improved over the span of 2 years. His improvements were small and went unnoticed. His mental growth was evident almost immediately in his speech. He became mentally stronger day in and day out.

Curry would often say he’s trying to be the best version of himself, trying to be the best and trying to get better. In using those phrases he conditioned his mind to push his physical limits and has conquered many higher  aspects of his game. His mind mastery allows him to hit 32 footers to win games.  This mental game mastery is what separates the greats from the good players. Great players understand their mental state offers them the best dividends on their game. The more they learn to master their emotions and expect greatness the more it will materialize.

The psyche is very important in life  and many people simply overlook it. When people take control of their minds they will take control of their game. It takes discipline and repetition not just on the court but in the mind. LL Cool J said it best conquer the mind and you can conquer a city. Thus if you think highly of your game you can achieve great feats. If you focus on the negatives and the limitations in your game the more limited you will be on the court.